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M6 PRO 2nd gen review from DB Headphones

Posted by MEE audio on

DB Headphones reviews the M6 PRO 2nd generation in-ear monitors. View article here. Also on Head-Fi.

“The people at MEE Audio have taken all the right steps to distill and refine the already-great M6 PRO formula. They improved the fit through redesigned housings. They improved durability through reinforced cables. They improved the sound through a toned-down treble. And they did all this while still retaining all of the things that made the old model great.”

Updated Connect Help Videos

THIS VIDEO SERIES WILL HELP YOU SET UP YOUR CONNECT TO WORK WITH YOUR TV. Step 1: Plug in the USB power cable to a power source and to the Connect. Step 2: Pair your Bluetooth headphones to the Connect. If you need to pair a 2nd headphone, watch our Pairing a 2nd Headphone video. Step 3: Choose ONE [...]

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Matrix Cinema reviews from Russia, a popular Russian hi-fi site reviews the Matrix Cinema View article here. Russian YouTube channel Porta_Fi reviews the Matrix Cinema Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.

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Russian YouTube Review of the M6 PRO 2nd Gen

Russian YouTube channel Porta_Fi reviews the M6 PRO in-ear monitors 2nd generation.

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BTX1 review from Ukraine

Ukranian tech site, ITC, reviews the BTX1 Wireless MMCX Adapter. View article here.

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Swedish tech site reviews the M7 PRO

Swedish tech site, M3, reviews the M7 PRO and scores it a 9/10. View article here.

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Poland tech site reviews P1 and P2

Komorkomania, one of the biggest tech sites in Poland, compares the Pinnacle P1 and P2. View article  here.

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BAL-SET ranked #1 in Japan

E-earphone Japan ranks the balanced cable adapter set #1 in their cable section.

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BAL-SET review on Head-Fi

Moonstar reviews the MEE audio MMCX balanced cable set for Head-Fi, which you can read here. “a great cable package for a reasonable price. It has a solid build; it improves the sound quality and has a great adapter set that makes it to a “Swiss Army Knife” in the world of IEM cables."

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Hungary review of the Pinnacle P2

Hungary tech site, Mobilarena reviews the Pinnacle P2. View article here.

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