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AirHooks Open Ear Wireless Sports Headphones

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AirHooks Open Ear Wireless Sports Headphones


Personal Directional Speakers for Safer Workouts

Open-ear wireless headphones use directional speakers to beam audio directly into the ear without blocking outside sounds for improved safety outdoors and communication ability indoors.

Introducing open-ear headphones

Unlike traditional headphones and earbuds, open ear headphones deliver audio without obstructing or covering your ear canal. This lets outside sounds mix with your headphone audio and helps you maintain awareness of your surroundings.

Ambient Awareness

Open-ear headphones allow you to hear what’s going on around you much better than traditional headphones, improving safety and even letting you carry on conversations while listening to media.

Stereo speakers for one

AirHooks utilize directional speakers to beam audio directly into your ears without covering your ear canals or using bone conduction transducers. You can think of AirHooks as a set of stereo speakers you wear on your head that play audio that you – and only you – can hear loud and clear.

Social Audio

Open-ear headphones eliminate the need to constantly take off your headphones during everyday activities - perfect for incorporating podcasts, audio books, and social audio apps such as Discord™ and Clubhouse™ into your day.

Crystal-clear sound

Enhanced audio clarity makes speech easier to hear during calls and while listening to podcasts, audio books, movies, sportscasts, and more.

Built-in headset with mic mute

High-quality integrated microphone lets you seamlessly take phone calls and join conferences while the mic mute feature allows you to take a break without disconnecting.

Siri and Google Assistant

One-button access to Siri® / Google Assistant™.

Ultra lightweight construction

Lightweight earhook design fits comfortably and securely around your ears without the feel of sweaty earpads or pressure in your ear canal.

IPX4 Water Resistance

IPX4 sweat- and weather-resistant design protects from damage due to moisture.

Rechargeable Battery

Delivers up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge.

What's in the box

AirHooks Open Ear Headphones
Charging cable

Speaker Specifications
driver type moving coil
frequency response 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Bluetooth Specifications
Bluetooth version 5.0
operating range up to 30ft (10m)
Bluetooth profiles supported A2DP, HSP, HFP, AVRCP

Battery Specifications
battery type built-in rechargeable batteries
battery capacity 120 mAh
playback time 5 hours
charging time 1.5 hours
charging connector micro-USB

Product Details
ear coupling open ear (directional speaker)
water resistance IPX4
weight 0.6 oz (17 g)
included accessories charging cable


This product is covered by a 1 year warranty. If you are not satisfied with your product, contact MEE audio to help resolve your issues.

AirHooks Product Manual

For information on troubleshooting, pairing, connecting, maintenance, and more please refer to the AirHooks user manual.

To view the manual in pdf format click here.
To save it to your computer, right click the link and select "Save Link As...".

AirHooks Support Guide:

MEE audio created the AirHooks Support Guide page to provide you with easy-to-follow video setup guides, the full user manual, and the latest troubleshooting information.

X20 Setup Guide: Getting Started

Watch the video below, which demonstrates how easy it is to set up your X20.

X20 Factory Reset Guide

Watch the video below, which demonstrates how to factory reset your X20.


This product is covered by a 1 year warranty. If you are not satisfied with your product, contact MEE audio to help resolve your issues.

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  1. 100% average. 3 Star Review

    Posted by

    For the money....this is an acceptable product. The sound quality is...............average.

    I understand that this type of headphone isn't going to deliver high fidelity sound...but I have other bone conduction headphones that are better.

    Having said that....for podcasts and for the money spent....these will do the job.

  2. Good not great 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    They're fairly comfortable as they don't fit inside your ears, but they don't have much bass. No volume control. Battery about 4 hours.

  3. A great pair of headphones that allows you to do a lot 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    The product is fantastic! I love using it work. I can talk to my coworkers and listen to music without worrying. I'd say that the sound isn't the best, but still, being able to communicate is more valuable to me

  4. Great for sensitive ears. 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I've experimented with every kind of headphone available. No matter where they touch on the inside of my ear, they eventually begin to become irritated. I suppose I have sensitive ears.

    These don't bother my ears because they don't actually touch them. Compared to standard ear cups or buds, I can wear these for considerably longer. They operate very differently, so the sound quality isn't the same as standard earbuds, however for comfort, these are excellent.

  5. Sound is ok for what they are 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    The audio quality is similar to other open ear products I've tried. However, these are very lightweight. I prefer them over aftershockz.

  6. Great for the price and comfortable and they work well for their intended use 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Prior to getting them, I had no expectations for them other than to test the technology. The fact that they are so comfy to wear astonished me. If you have long hair, like I do, it's probably best to put it up in a ponytail because it will be simpler to put on and your hair will hang over them without impairing their functionality. These are what I use when cycling. I think the sound volume is appropriate. I was still aware of what was going on around me since I could still hear the noise outside. You don't get that thumping base quality, and they work excellent with audio books, as other reviews have noted, but there are no complaints. I wish there were more button controls on the device as I have to do most of the controlling through my iPhone/Apple Watch. If you plan to wear these indoors, in confined places where there are other people, the sound from the head phones does bleed out. These are great for outdoor use when you're going solo in your workouts or riding in a group where you want to hear the sounds around you and be able to talk.

  7. You get what you pay for! 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    It's been two months, and I've enjoyed using these headphones. I was really skeptical about this technology, but wanted to give it shot anyway.

    These in no way deliver Bose-caliber audio, but they sufficed for my office/ workout needs.

    The sweat eventually reached the earpieces, which I thought would be an issue since they sit on the side of my head, but they've held up well so far.

    Nevertheless, you get what you pay for, so I don't recommend these if you want top tier audio quality.

  8. Eh 3 Star Review

    Posted by

    The battery life is adequate, and the sound quality is average but not great. I definitely wouldn't recommend this for rap music. Maybe only really suited for audio books and podcasts. Or rock music I guess..

  9. Liking these 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    These are pretty similar to other non-in-ear headphones I've tried as far a sound quality goes. Not great, but work well in the right situations. These are much lighter on my head though, which I like alot. I forget I have them on sometimes lol

  10. Works as expected 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    This device works as expected. I previously owned two other similar products from different companies. With those, I was disappointed mainly due to connection issues. These are good thus far, and they function as they should without any problems. I've never heard of Mee Audio before, but I won't forget this brand and will probably make another purchase from them since they have so many other kinds of headphones.

  11. Light & Comfy 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Since earbuds never seem to fit well or become uncomfortable, I got these for my 13-year-old son. I got then got a pair for myself since he liked them. They are incredibly comfortable to wear. The sound is ok. I typically prefer lots of bass, but I guess you can't expect that with this type of product. I recommend anyone who experiences ear fatigue from standard earbuds to try these out.

  12. Decent 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Its good for what it is. Super comfortable to wear, lightweight, and works well. Probably wouldn't wear this for every day use, but definitely when I want to be able to hear things around me.

  13. Great headphones but.. 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Works well but the sound could be better. These "Open Ear" products never produce enough bass for me. I can definitely see the need for something like this, but probably just isn't well suited for someone like me.

  14. Great for podcasts! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Using this device with podcasts while working out. Great sound quality - not for music because there is zeor bass, but in the sense that it's very clear and easy to understand what's being said. I.e. exactly what you want for this type of use.

  15. Secure open headphones 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Not the best sounding headphones, a little squeaky, but they stay on my head no matter what I do. If that's important to you then I recommend them.

  16. Over ear headphones 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Can listen to audiobooks and still hear the kids!

  17. Whoops 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Thought these were bone conduction but they are not. A little disappointed but they are comfortable and sound good anyway

  18. volume 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Neither me nor my husband were able to find a way to adjust the volume so we returned this item. A shame because it's comfy and fits well but it was just too quite.

  19. It's ok 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Very lightweight, great for calls and audiobooks while also being able to hear things around you. Not so great for music and the battery is a bit disappointing. I always find myself charging it before the end of the day.

  20. Battery life awful 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    The battery life is terrible.

    I need at least 8 hours to get through my work day. With full charge I only get 4 and a half hours.

    Otherwise I really like the headset however - it's light and fits well, but I really think they need to upgrade the battery in these.

  21. Zero noise isolation 3 Star Review

    Posted by

    Background noise defeats the purpose of wearing headphones. Maybe they are good for using in a library or something

  22. Lightweight headphones 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Great lightweight fit, okay sound, but only one button. I was confused by it at first but nobody else seems to have a problem so maybe I'll get more used to it. Still, how am I supposed to remember all of these?

    Power on: press and hold
    Power off: press and hold
    Voice Assistant: press and hold
    Play: press once
    Pause: press once
    Answer call: press once
    Hang up call: press once
    Mute call: press twice
    Unmute call: press twice
    Reject call: press twice
    Volume+: press twice
    Volume-: press three times

  23. Nice product for those who can't wear earbuds for long 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I am one of those people who always has their Airpods on - work, play, even sleep sometimes. But after a couple of hours, they begin to feel uncomfortable and occasionally painful in my ears no matter which size of the ear buds I put on them. So I needed a set that doesn't put any pressure on the inside of my ear so I could give myself a break sometimes.

    These are perfect because they are not tight on the head/ears and don't hurt at all no matter how long you wear them. The only issue is that the volume is not very high especially for songs with a lot of bass. I try to mostly use these for podcasts and youtube videos, for which they are perfect. Can even side sleep in them on a soft enough pillow!

  24. Had to send back 1 Star Review

    Posted by

    Arrived dead, never got it to work

  25. NOT bone conduction 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    I thought these were bone conduction when I bought them, pretty sure they came up in a search for bone conduction headphones. My fault for not reading more closely. They seem to work okay so far but I might still return them. Buyer beware!

  26. Light on the ears and very comfortable! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    See title

  27. Open ear headphones 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    So far so good but i havent even ran the battery all the way down. will update with more details later

  28. Value alternative to bone conduction 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Comfort is great, even better than the bone conduction headphones I've tried because these don't vibrate on your temples. Sound quality is so-so. Comfort was the #1 priority for me so considering the lower price, it's a fair tradeoff.

  29. Ok for the price but not as good as Shokz 3 Star Review

    Posted by

    Bought these as a replacement for much more expensive bone conduction headphones from Shokz. Like the Shokz, these fulfil the main function of producing sound without obstructing the ear. That's basically where the similarities stop.

    Advantages of MEE Airhooks:
    *Standard USB plug, does not require a proprietary charging cable
    *Audio is slightly clearer

    Disadvantages of the MEE Airhooks:
    *Audio is pretty tinny even compared to bone conduction
    *Audio can be heard by others who are only a few feet away. Shokz do not have this problem and can be played loudly without being heard.
    *Sound can't be improved by wearing earplugs or covering your ears, unlike Shokz. So there is no possible way to use these in a slightly noisy environment, which is a pretty big downside

    In summary, if you want something cheap that only works in quiet environments for listening to Bluetooth without isolating yourself from surrounding sounds, these are fine. But if you are willing to spend a bit more and want more versatility, get the Shokz instead.

  30. Open earbuds 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    A unique concept that makes them different from other headphones. A great gift for those who work out outside (jogging, etc) and don't have a pair of open earbuds yet!

  31. Comfortable 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Very light, almost can't feel them at all

  32. Very weird feeling 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    I hate having things in my ears. Hearing sound without earphones/headphones is almost as weird, but in a good way! Buyer beware - these are more like laptop speakers strapped to your head, than headphones. Sound is fine for TV and audiobooks, but clearly not designed for music - not enough bass and too distant.

  33. Perfect for late night dog walks 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I often walk my dog in the evening and at night, and have been getting increasingly sketched out by my own isolation my from surrounding sounds. My choices were to either give up wearing headphones altogether or find something with no noise isolation. I tried a clip-on model first but it was not comfortable after a while and often got dislodged when I put my hood up.

    This "airhooks" fits well under a hoodie and stays in place, but most importantly it makes me feel a little safer because I am not as isolated from my surroundings. Excellent product for use outside at night!

  34. Finally open earphones with a mic mute! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    These earphones are pretty meh especially when it comes to sound quality, but they have very critical feature for those who do a lot of conference calls - the ability to mute the mic. This is quite easy to do once you get the hang of it (there is only one button after all). 5 stars if you need open ear earbuds with a mic mute. 3 stars otherwise.

  35. Surprisingly comfortable earbuds 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Having owned neckband sports earphones back in the Discman era, I was expecting these to really clamp down hard around my ears, but I can barely feel I'm wearing them and yet they stay perfectly secure! Sound is serviceable for phone calls and books on tape which is all I use them for. If you want to listen to music, I recommend buying pair that cancels noise instead.

  36. Finally - "off ear" headphones 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    First off, I don't like having things in or over my ears. I don't think this is too weird, pressure in my ears hurts, and over ear headphones make me sweaty.

    In practice, this means that finding headphones that work for me is a challenge. For many years I used Koss Portapros which, while technically "on ear", are so light and gentle that they feel like I'm wearing nothing at all.

    Unfortunately none of my devices have a headphone jack anymore and I got tired of carrying adapters. It was time for a wireless solution. Now, there are wireless Portapros, but if you google the picture you'll see why they are a no-go. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put wireless headphones on a lanyard should be fired.

    So I was looking for a new headphone that would work for me for casual use - walking around, housework, office work - without being in or over the ear. After some research, bought a pair of these to try out and ended up keeping them! They are lightweight and no part of them enters the ear. They don't get sweaty. They stay securely in place (very securely!). The sound is so-so but for the price and being wireless, it's not as bad as others make it seem.

    They should really call them "off ear" headphones. For anyone who HATES anything to do with their ears -- try these!

  37. i love these headphones 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    pulled the trigger on these because other regular earbuds don't work for me, not even airpods

    no matter what i try they all hurt after a short time or fall off when running, apparently because i have very small ear canals. all i know is it's very frustrating

    these headphones are the complete opposite, no matter what i do all day long, the don't fall off or hurt

    the ability to hear the sounds around me turned out to be great as well, although i didn't really care about it when i bought them. being able to have a conversation without having to stop what you are doing and pause the music or take off the headphones is a game changer

    my boyfriend and i am sure many others will still prefer regular headphones. i definitely cannot recommend these for bassy music like hip-hop. the audio is otherwise crisp and clear, but there is almost no bass. i mostly listen to audiobooks and podcasts, so it doesn't affect me

    overall, i think they're great for what they are

  38. good price for good headphones 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    i am a returning customer, I have 4 different MEE bluetooth headsets, which are very cost-effective. this one very novel and very light. I like very much!

  39. Just what I needed 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Purchased mostly for calls at work as I need to keep my phone hands free but cannot use my AirPods due to too much noise isolation when I am not on a call. Instead of leaving just one AirPods in my ear, I decided to take a chance on these.

    I have to say these work well and are comfortable for long periods of use. Although the sound is clear, it is not suitable for music, but works well for phone calls, talk shows, podcasts, etc. If these had a mini subwoofer they would sound great but until then I still use my AirPods for music.

    After a few weeks of use my only complaint is that it can get a bit loud around me and these can't quite keep up .When I find myself in a noisy environment, I sometimes wish I could turn the volume up a notch or two. But in a more quiet setting, they're great. There are apps you can download to get more control over your volume so I may look into that.

    If you're looking for headphones that let you hear everything around you, or if you just hate in ear buds, this is a good buy.

  40. Very light weight. 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Pros and cons for me:
    +ultra-lightweight and comfortable (#1 ask)
    +last 4-5 hours on a single charge
    +don't block surrounding sounds
    -cannot be connected to more than 1 device
    -have to control volume on the phone
    -audio quality is so-so, basically only for audiobooks

  41. Not good for music. GREAT for podcasts at the office 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Coming from traditional headphones, these have next to no bass and all the music sounds extremely tinny and lacks body. HOWEVER, unlike traditional headphones, I can use these at the office without annoying my coworkers with "HUH?" while taking off my headphones 20+ times a day. I can actually hear what's going on around me AND respond without removing earbuds or taking off headphones.

    Sound quality is good for podcasts/videos. Easy to hear and can pick up phone calls, too.

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