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Custom-fit full block silicone earplugs (no filters)

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Custom-fit full block silicone earplugs (no filters)


Our custom-fit full-block earplugs are built to the exact shape and size of your ears using state of the art 3D printing technology, creating a perfect seal to protect your ears from outside noise.


Please allow 3-4 weeks for the manufacture of custom-fit products.

How to Order

1. Select your earplug color

Choose from the available color options to personalize your earplug.

2. Select how you will get us your ear impressions

Custom-fit products require us to have a set of ear impressions or a 3D model of your ears. There are 4 ways for you to get these to us:

Visit Our Office

If you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, you may visit our City of Industry office during regular business hours and we will scan your ears on the spot. This process is non-invasive and takes 20-30 minutes. After purchasing your custom earplugs you will receive an email with instructions for creating an appointment.

Get Scanned at an event

We provide free ear scans for current and future customers at several musician and audiophile tradeshows and events throughout the year. If you plan to attend one of these, stop by our booth to get your ears scanned. Click here to view our tradeshow and event schedule.

Obtain Ear Impressions from a Local Audiologist

Audiologists are able to make a cast of your ears for a small fee, which you can then send in to our office for scanning. Click here to download our audiologist instruction sheet. Be sure to shop around as the cost of ear impressions can vary widely.

Use Existing Ear Impressions

If you already have a set of MEE audio custom product or have gotten scanned by us at a previous event, we already have your ear scans on file and you may choose this option.

3. Complete checkout process

Depending on the option you chose in step 2, you may get additional instructions via email after placing your order.

4. Get your custom earplugs in the mail

We will manufacture your custom earplugs using medical-grade, biocompatible silicone and ship them to you

What's in the box

MEE audio custom earplugs
Bottle of oto-gel
Earwax cleaning tool
Instruction card

Fit Guarantee

MEE audio will modify or re-make any custom-fit product returned due to poor fit within 45 days of purchase. Please contact if you require a refit and we will help you through the process.

Returns and Warranty

Each pair of MEE audio custom earplugs is made to order and uniquely tailored to the shape of your ears. Because of this, MEE audio does not allow returns of any custom-fit/made-to-order products other than for refits (see the Fit Guarantee section above for more info).

Our standard 1-year warranty applies to materials and workmanship. Warranty does not cover regular wear and tear or accidental damage, loss of one or both tips, blockage due to earwax or debris, or level of noise isolation. Attempting to modify your custom earplugs in any way will void this warranty.

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