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KidJamz KJ35 Safe Listening Headphones for Kids with Volume-Limiting Technology and Inline Microphone

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KidJamz KJ35 Safe Listening Headphones for Kids with Volume-Limiting Technology and Inline Microphone


MEE audio KidJamz safe listening headphones are designed to protect children's hearing as they listen to movies, music, games, and more without compromising the headphone experience.

Why "Safe Listening" Kids Headphones?

Hearing is precious and needs to be protected from a young age as even short-term exposure to loud volumes can cause permanent hearing loss in children. KidJamz child-safe headphones use volume-limiting technology to ensure that the audio your kids are streaming from their devices is safe so you don’t have to constantly monitor how they listen to movies, music, and games.

KidJamz Volume-Limiting Technology

While regular headphones and earphones can easily exceed safe volumes by 50% or more, KidJamz utilize a proprietary volume limiter built into the structure of the speakers to maintain the sound pressure level (SPL) below a physician-recommended 85dB*, keeping young ears safe and helping create lifelong good listening habits.

*85dB limit is based on an industry-standard 1mW audio output of a typical portable audio device. Visit for more information.

Volume Limiter Switch

A concealed switch allows parents to disable the volume limiter so that KidJamz can be used in noisy environments. This switch is protected against accidental activation and alternates between volume-limited (85dB) and unlimited modes, granting parents full control of the listening experience.

Built-in Headset

Integrated headset with microphone and remote button can be used for distance leaning, video chatting, gaming, and phone calls

Designed with Kids in Mind

The best kids’ headphone is the one kids will want to use, so we set out to make KidJamz as lightweight, safe, and frustration-free as possible. The adjustable headband and vinyl earpad cushions provide a comfortable and secure fit for boys and girls ages 4-12 while the reinforced cable is tough and tangle-resistant.

Durable Construction

Engineered with fewer moving parts, the KidJamz provide outstanding durability thanks to robust BPA-free plastics, a tangle-resistant cable with reinforced connectors, and a flexible headband that can be bent and twisted in any direction without breaking.

MEE Signature Sound

We believe creating good listening habits early starts with great sound quality, and the KidJamz are tuned to deliver high quality stereo sound that is crisp and clear, yet smooth and non-fatiguing. Compatible with iPad, Kindle Fire, and other devices with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

What's In the Box

KidJamz Headphones
Safe Listening guide

Compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, android smartphones and tablets, portable gaming devices, computers, portable DVD players, home audio systems, and all other devices with standard 3.5mm headphone jack
To learn more about safe listening habits and noise-induced hearing loss, visit: About Hearing Loss
American Academy of Otolaryngology: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Children
American Hearing Research Foundation: Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Speaker Specifications
driver type moving coil (dynamic)
driver size 30 mm
frequency response 20 Hz to 20 kHz
impedance 85±3 dB (1 mW at 1 kHZ)
sensitivity (volume-limited) 115±3 dB (1 mW at 1 kHz)
sensitivity (unlimited) 115±3 dB (1 mW at 1 kHz)

Product Details
ear coupling supraaural (on-ear)
cable length 48 inches (1.2 m)
cable type reinforced 3.8mm thick cable
cable connector 3.5 mm, straight plug, TRRS type
headband type impact-resistant ultra-flexible headband
weight 3.7 oz (107 g)
dimensions 6 x 6.5 x 2.5 inches (15 x 17 x 6 cm)

KidJamz has a 1 year warranty. If you are not satisfied with your product, contact MEE audio to help resolve your issues.

Operating the volume limiter on/off switch
KidJamz feature a concealed switch that allows the volume limiter to be disabled in noisy environments. This switch is protected against accidental activation while allowing parents full control of the listening experience. There are two positions for the switch: volume-limited (85dB), designated by ( ( ), and unlimited, designated by ( ((( ). Any long and thin object, such as a toothpick, can be used to operate the switch.

Note: Using headphones for extended periods of time at higher volume levels may result in listening fatigue and hearing damage. When using the KidJamz in unlimited mode, set the volume on the connected phone, computer, or mp3 player to the minimum before connecting the headphones. Raise the volume gradually until an acceptable level is reached. Children should take a 10-minute break for every hour of listening.

Care instructions
  • Clean with a soft cloth, damp with diluted soap water solution if necessary. Do not use chemical cleaners
  • Do not expose to liquids. If the device comes in contact with liquids, quickly wipe away. If submersed in water, do not use the device on until completely dried. Note: liquid submersion voids the warranty.

KidJamz KJ35 User Manual
For information on troubleshooting, pairing, connecting, maintenance, and more please refer to the Connect Hub user manual.

To view the manual in pdf format click here.
To save it to your computer, right click the link and select "Save Link As...".
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  1. Good for toddler 3 Star Review

    Posted by

    Very limited volume, older kids will not like

  2. Works for kids 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    My 5 year old loves these! They fit and stay in place and she can't play them any louder than is health - what more do I need?

  3. Ahhhh, finally, silence! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Very nice and on time. I had gotten these for Mothers Day a couple months ago as a present from myself to myself and my goodness it's been such a blessing - finally, silence around the house.

  4. Volume control GREAT for air travel! 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Finally, my kids can hear on the airplane! While I’m a fan of keeping noise down for the ears, it’s been difficult dealing with plane noise and the kids needing to hear the movies they watch. With the adjustable volume choice on this product, we were able to let our kids hear the movies they watched on the plane. We also still have the option to turn it back down for use outside of travel. This is great!

  5. (almost) indestructible 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I've gone theough many a pair of inexpensive headphones with my 5 year old son. Finally did my research and chose what I thought would be sturdy headphones rather than continuing to buy inexpensive ones. These are unquestionably worth the cost - I've since caught my son trying to break the headband and pull apart the cord, which I gave him a piece of my mind about and he should be handling them better now. But still, they withstood his hard handling for at least a few months and still work fine. If there is one complaint, it's that the ear cushions come off from time to time, but they are easy enough to put back.

  6. Great for Kids 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    These are our second headphones. Good quality and sound

  7. Very good and very cute 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Great value! My granddaughter loved them!

  8. Good 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Gave them away as a gift so I can't comment on the product, but have seen the nieces wearing them so it seems like they work fine

  9. Kid friendly headphones 4 Star Review

    Posted by

    Good for little ears, hope they last!

  10. Surprised at the great sound quality for the price. 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Pros: Sound Quality, Price, Seem Well Built, Can Buy Replacement Ear Cushions
    Cons: Cable Is A Bit Long For A Kid And A Bit Short For An Adult, Not USB Connector So Need Adapter For New IPAD

  11. Doesn’t fold 3 Star Review

    Posted by

    I bought these for a trip. They lasted all trip without breaking, seemed to be good quality. Kids liked them and didn’t complain. Went in and out of cars, backpacks, probably hundred times. They lasted! My only complaint is they don’t fold up like other kids headphones.

  12. Three months later and they still are working for my 6 year old. 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Great product! Surprised at the great sound quality and decent comfort for the price, even an adult could use these for a few hours in a pinch

  13. Volume-Limited Kids' Headset 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Sounds good despite the low volume, not ashamed to admit that I have used it a couple of times myself after putting the little ones to bed, and even with the limited volume it's pretty good. Not too uncomfortable round an adult noggin, either!

  14. Great for school 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    My kids use 2 of these for school. I had the option of wired or wireless, and chose wired for ease of setup. Think I made the right choice - they are literally just plug and play, no charging, no pairing, no holding a button to connect. So far no complaints from the kids.

  15. Works for my daughter 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    I'm not an expert but they seem to work fine for my 9 year old daughter. She had other kids headphones in the past that were also fine, but these have lasted the longest so far. They sound good to me and they're not wireless, which still kind of worries me when put in proximiity with a child's developing brain.

  16. Kids love them 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Have had one pair of these since 2015 or so, and a second pair since last year. The pads got torn up on the first one but otherwise it still works! Where can I buy those pads?

  17. Too early to say. 3 Star Review

    Posted by

    It has only been a week since I received them, I'll come back with a detailed review after a month

  18. A+ 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Fits well and seems like it will last for a while

  19. Quality product 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    My toddler loves this headset. Great value and quality for the price.

  20. Granddaughter wears them all the time 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    They are durable and sturdy, and sufficiently comfortable that she wears them for hours at a time. Shipping was fast although USPS left a note in my mailbox saying they tried to deliver but were unable to leave the envelope in the mailbox. I had to pick them up from the local post office, but it does fit in the mailbox just fine so I don't know what happened. Next time I will leave a note for USPS with my order.

  21. 9 yr old 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Loves the headphones

  22. Good headphones 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    Nice gift / stocking stuffer especially if you buy them on sale. Have done this a few years in a row for various nieces and nephews, and so far no complaints!

  23. A great "Grown Up" headphone for kids 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    This is a really marvelous headphone for your kids or grandchildren. They are built very sturdy, sound great, and have features both kids and parents will appreciate. First off, they don't look like a toy, and they aren't. They have the same quality sound you expect from MEEaudio, with a full range sound from sparkling highs, to rumbling bass. The "on the ear" design fits small ears perfectly, while not being so tight they exclude mom or dads voice. The headband is made of a flexible break resistant plastic. There's no chance of little fingers being injured by a metal band. The single cord design, along with a thicker than normal cable helps keep them tangle free. There's another great feature you won't find on other headphones specifically designed for kids, and that's what should attract parents and grandparents the most, it's a concealed switch that limits the volume. Protecting a childs ears from damaging high volume sound is so very important. This headphone solves that problem with a concealed switch, that only allows a safe listening level for your child. This volume limiting feature works with any device you may plug iPad, Mobile phone, iPod or even the built in CD player in your car or SUV.
    For less than a $20. dollar bill, you can give your child or grandchild a 'grown up" headphone they'll love to use, and you'll know they won't be damaging their hearing. (You might find yourself using them too...they sound that good)

  24. great quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by

    this is great quality and is very comfortable for my kidz

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