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Custom Text Laser-Engraved Metal Plates for M6 PRO 2nd Generation In-Ear Monitors (Pair)

  • Custom Plate | Mirror
  • Custom Plate | Mirror
  • Custom Plate | Mirror
  • Custom Plate | Brushed
  • Custom Plate | Brushed
  • Custom Plate | Brushed

Custom Text Laser-Engraved Metal Plates for M6 PRO 2nd Generation In-Ear Monitors (Pair)

Only supports a few types. Maximum file size: 512 MB

Personalize your M6 PRO with a set of custom laser-engraved plates. Use this option to purchase a pair of plates with your name or other custom text. Please allow an additional 3 business days processing time for custom orders.


Personalize your in-ears with custom-engraved metal faceplates, available exclusively for the M6 PRO 2nd Generation In-Ear Monitors.

Save $5 on this item when purchased together with an M6 PRO 2nd Generation and let us install the plates for you, or purchase them separately and install them on your M6 PRO yourself - installation is as easy as snapping in a puzzle piece.

How to submit your custom text


  1. Select your desired plate finish: mirror or brushed, and engraving style: positive or negative. Click the thumbnails above to see how the different plate finishes look once engraved.

  2. Use the "Plate Text" fields to provide us the text for the Left and Right earpieces.

  3. Select the font would like to use – see the Custom Text Guidelines below for the available fonts.

  4. Provide any special instructions you would like us to follow and proceed to checkout to complete your order.

  5. We will email you a digital proof/preview of your design prior to engraving it for approval.

Custom Text Guidelines

In order for us to create your custom faceplates you must provide us your text and select one of the below 5 fonts. By default we will follow your capitalization scheme and create a positive engraving (black font on a metal background). If you would like to use a font other than the options below, you must provide us the TrueType Font (.TTF) or OpenType Font (.OTF) file.

Use the “Special instructions” field to tell us how to format the text (e.g. two lines or one line, etc) The more you can tell us about how to format it, the better. Multiple words are OK, but keep in mind the size of the faceplate – each one is roughly 1.5 cm x 0.9 cm. Large amounts of text may become hard to see at that scale.


Q: Are the plates removable once installed?
A: The plates are held in place by 3M adhesive and cannot be removed once installed.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?
A: There is an additional 3-day processing time for custom artwork, plus the shipping time for whichever shipping method you select at checkout.

Q: How are the plates shipped?
A: Domestic orders: if your order consists of only M6 PRO faceplates and you select “free shipping” at checkout, they will be shipped in a standard mailing envelope (letter-size) via regular mail. Note that this method does not have tracking, but typically delivers in 3-7 business days. If your order contains other items, all items will be shipped together as a USPS 1st class package. Faster shipping methods are available at checkout.

International orders: if you select USPS First Class International as your shipping method, please note that the number provided is a Customs ID number and not a tracking number, and should not be relied on for package status updates. Once USPS hands off the package to your local carrier, the Customs ID may reveal the Customs status of the package through your local carrier, but it is not guaranteed. Typical delivery time is approximately 20 business days, but there is no set delivery window for this shipping method. Faster shipping methods are available at checkout.

Q: Do the customized plates carry a warranty?
A: Our standard 1-year warranty applies to materials and workmanship. Warranty does not cover regular wear and tear or accidental damage.

Q: How do I install the plates?
A: When ready to install, simply remove the wax paper from the plates to expose the adhesive, carefully place each plate in the in the appropriate inset on the front of your M6 PRO earpiece, and press down for 15 seconds. Repeat for other side. Click the Support tab above for more in-depth instructions and installation video.

Q: Can you install the plates for me?
A: If you purchase the plates together with a set of the M6 PRO 2nd Generation In-Ear Monitors, we will install them for you by default unless otherwise instructed. If your order does not contain an M6 PRO 2nd Generation, we will mail the customized plates to you as soon as they’re ready.

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Installation Instructions


  1. Make sure your M6 PRO is clean of dust and debris.

  2. When ready to install, cut the tape.

  3. Remove each plate from the tray by pushing it through from the front.

  4. Remove the wax paper, carefully place the plate in the appropriate inset on the front of your M6 PRO earpiece, and press down for 15 seconds. Repeat for other side.

Watch the installation video below

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