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Compatibility Chart For Comply Foam Ear Tips

Please refer to the chart below for Comply memory foam eartip compatibility with MEE audio in-ear earphones. Replacement Comply tips can be purchased at

Current MEE Models

Best Comply Size

PRO: M6 PRO, M7 PRO, MX PRO (all models) T200
Pinnacle: Pinnacle P1, Pinnacle P2
Sport: M6, X1, X5, X6, X7, X8, M6B, M9B
EarBoost: EB1
Other: RX18, N1
X7 Plus T600

Legacy Products

Best Comply Size

Other Suited Size(s)

EDM Universe D1P, X6 Plus, M7P T200  
M-Duo T200 T400
A161P, M6, S6 T500 T200
A151 T100  
M2, M16, M9, M9B, M9 Classic, M21, M31, M11+, N8. N9, R1, SP51, Air-Fi AF9, Air-Fi AF12 T400 T500
RX12, SX31 T500 T400