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Johnny Michals

Johnny Michals, a young drummer from Sonora California, rocks the MEE audio M6 PRO's in the studio and on the road.

From a small town with a slim population of 4,808 people, this makes Johnny a rarity at age 24 when it comes to his possession of exceeding self-taught talent. His passion for drums began 10 years ago and proceeded to develop over the last 8 years performing with his church and hometown band, Ends of the Earth.

Johnny has proven himself to be an artist of creativity through his live performances, his individualizing style, and also in his original drum remix videos on his Youtube channel. Aside from studio work and performing in video productions, the young gun takes interest in playing with a variety of bands and artists on nation wide tours. Such as, Kingdom of Giants, The Animal in Me, and Mike Gianelli.

As Johnny furthers his profession in drumming he is recognized to be one emerging, with great idiosyncratic talent.