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M6 PRO 2nd Generation Musician's In-Ear Monitors
  Review Date Author
M6PROG2 The Wire Realm | MEE audio M6 PRO 2nd Generation In-Ear Monitors Review
"Listening to these for a long amount of time had us hooked — you can tell these have a special internal build right when you turn them on."
March 14, 2018 Sean
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Pinnacle P1 High Fidelity Audiophile In-Ear Headphones
  Review Date Author
Pinnacle P1 The Verge | The Pinnacle P1 headphones achieve audiophile quality for $199
"Once you’ve got yourself a good source of music and the right-fitting eartips, the Pinnacle P1s grant you entry to a great exhibition of balanced, coherent sound. I like the Pinnacle P1s an awful lot, and the dearth of things I have to complain about speaks to their thoughtful design and creation."
October 13, 2016 Vlad Savov
Head-Fi | MEE P1 – Flagship Quality, Budget Price
5/5 stars "The P1 is easily one of the best IEMs (for sonic performance and overall value) I have tried this year."
August 25, 2016 Brooko
Head-Fi | Top of the World: MEE audio P1 Pinnacle [Review]
4.5/5 stars "The Pinnacle P1 is like a master symphony – one composed by the likes of Beethoven and played by the greatest orchestra around. Everything about it is just executed so incredibly well. Its design is impeccable; its form luxuriously exquisite; and its sound absolutely fantastic [...] an earphone that you have to hear at least once in your life."
August 4, 2016 thatBeatsguy
Head-Fi | MEE audio P1 Pinnacle [Review]
5/5 stars "At this price point, this truly is a prince amongst in-ear monitors, and MEE audio should be applauded for bringing something this good to the masses."
July 1, 2016 Jackpot77
Head-Fi | MEE audio P1 Pinnacle Truly a 5 Star Product! [Review]
5/5 stars "The P1 is an absolute steal – let me make that clear. I’m a very frugal spender, and the Pinnacle P1 is worth every penny. It competes against higher-end offerings without any effort, sounds closer to an open-back headphone than almost any other, and is polished not only in the sound department, but in every aspect I can think of – presentation, accessories, fit/comfort, genre versatility, cables, etc. In an absolute sea of IEM’s, the P1 stands out as one of the best price/performance headphones I’ve seen."
May 23, 2016 avitron142
Head-Fi | [Review] MEE audio P1 Pinnacle, A New Flagship IEM!
"The packaging is elegant, the accessory spread is fantastic, and the IEMs feel very high quality. All of that wouldn’t matter if they didn’t sound good though, and they sound pretty damn good."
May 8, 2016 keanex
CymbaCavum | Standing Tall – The Pinnacle P1
"The P1 is both a joy to use and listen to, as well as provides all the visual aesthetics a flagship should have."
April 18, 2016 shotgunshane
Head-Fi | Reaching new heights. The MEE audio Pinnacle P1 High Fidelity Audiophile In-Ear Monitor with dual detachable cables
5/5 stars | "The best two hundred dollar in-ear I’ve heard thus far [...] If I took the letter M off of the housing and replaced it with the logo of a more premium brand earphone, it would sell for a lot more than the MEE audio asking price [...] MEE audio has raised to bar on in terms of mid-fi price to performance ratios. The Pinnacle has awesome packaging, build quality, sound quality and a phenomenal accessories package to go along with it."
April 12, 2016 Hisoundfi
iFans | MEE audio Pinnacle P1
4.5/5 stars | "The P1 is a gorgeous pair of headphones whose warm, easy-going signature will leave listeners’ lost in the music for hours."
April 6, 2016 tinyman392
Head-Fi | Great Earphones for Great Music - MEE audio Pinnacle P1
4.5/5 stars | "If you're looking for a serious earphones for serious music, have nice DAP and prefer spacious and three-dimensional soundstage, MEE Audio P1 is a great option for you. Luckily, they cost only $200, which is really inexpensive for earphones of this level."
March 18, 2016 cleg
Android Headlines | Featured Review: MEE audio Pinnacle P1
"We've reviewed a lot of great earphones here at Android Headlines, but the P1 have to be one of the absolute the best. It's rare that a pair of in-ear headphones come along at a price like $200 and not only live up to that price tag, but also offer a lot of value. In the case of the Pinnacle P1, MEE Audio have managed to do both of those things, and it's an impressive feat of engineering. For those looking for a long-lasting pair of earphones that will help make their old favorites sound new again, the Pinnacle P1 are genuinely worth considering."
March 7, 2016 Tom Dawson
PistonHeads | Top 10 Earphone (IEM/In Ears) - #2. MEE audio Pinnacle P1 February 25, 2016 Finlandia
PistonHeads | MEE audio Pinnacle P1 Review
4.5 / 5 stars | "The P1s are not only top of the food chain when it comes to build quality, but the sound is absolutely top notch as well. There, you can skip reading the rest and head straight to your preferred online shop and order the MEE Audio Pinnacle P1. The soundstage is the largest I have heard in an IEM, very nicely layered and with great instrument separation [...]. The spaciousness of the presentation could fool you into believing you're listening to full size headphones. If you are looking for a new set of IEMs around the £150 mark (or pretty much any price upwards), these are the ones to get, you will not find a better sounding earphone for the money, that's a fact."
February 25, 2016 Finlandia
Head-Fi | The Pinnacle P1 is a Big Value, Premium Flagship From MEE Audio
4.5 / 5 stars | "MEE Audio dropped the ball, they could have charged at least twice, if not 3 times more for the P1. [...] Value, sound, build, design and accessories all scream high end, but without the premium price. [...] This has to be on of the best valued products I have ever tested. It is the Budget Flagship. [...] The Pinnacle P1 is a heck of a Flagship and a great gift to the Audiophile world."
February 10, 2016 BloodyPenguin
Head-Fi | P1 - Pushing the Price enveloPe of Premium Performance.
4.5 / 5 stars | "MEEaudio completed their design mission with a success, and definitely have a flagship product worthy of Pinnacle name. They didn’t just push the envelope of the price to deliver a premium pair of headphones for under $200, but also pushed the envelope of a single dynamic driver performance. Adding to that a solid build with zinc alloy material, unique design with either over ear or down wire fitment, variety of quality eartips, premium leather case, two sets of removable cables including one with headset control and another with a premium silver-plated wire, and 2 year warranty - $199 price tag is a bargain, and in comparison to other headphones MEEaudio added another Giant Killer to their product portfolio."
January 25, 2016 twister6
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X7 Plus Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphone with Memory Wire
  Review Date Author
X7Plus ABC news Philadelphia | Consumer Reports - Best wireless headphones: MEE audio X7 Plus
"And for exercising, Consumer Reports suggests MEE audio's X7 Plus.
'These headphones stay in place even with a lot of vigorous movement. And at $85-dollars, they're a Consumer Reports' Best Buy,' said Arias."
October 11, 2016 WPVI-TV
Consumer Reports | 5 Great Wireless Headphones for Your iPhone 7: MEE audio X7 Plus
"Thanks to the earhooks and the three pairs of earpieces of varying sizes tucked inside the package, these $100 Bluetooth headphones fit snugly and stay in place, even during vigorous workouts. Along the way, they also deliver very good sound quality—not to mention a built-in microphone and integrated smartphone controls. And they come with protective carrying case, so you can safely stow them away when you're done with your run."
September 7, 2016 Terry Sullivan
Pocket Now | MEE Audio X7 Plus Review: Power sound in a small package
"We were pleasantly surprised at how well the headphones maintained a connection to our various devices, even when being worn in the rain or the shower. These headphones are a fine answer to a headphone jackless future, especially for those who plan to feel the burn while working out to some tunes."
August 16, 2016 Adam Doud
samma3a | MEE Audio X7 Plus Wireless Bluetooth Sports In-Ear HD Headphones Review
4 / 5 stars | "MEE audio has produced some impressive sounding in-ears in the past that always punched above what they should have. the same applies here. I have the Jaybird X bluetooth in ears and to be honest the MEE X7 Plus blow them out of the water. More comfortable, better fit and way better sound quality. What MEE manages to squeeze out of the 6mm micro driver is impressive."
June 3, 2016 samma3a | Koolpep
AndroidGuys | MEE audio's X7 Plus Stereo Bluetooth Sports Earbuds Are A Cut Above The Rest
4.8 / 5 stars | "The MEE Audio X7 Plus Bluetooth earbuds retail for $99.99, and are a bargain at that price if you prefer sound quality above all else. The eight hour battery life, water resistance, and great build quality also set them apart from the competition. I’m usually very picky when it comes to earbud sound quality, and the X7s have convinced me I no longer need wires for HiFi audio."
May 3, 2016 Derrick Miyao
MobileTechTalk | MEE audio X7 Plus: Great wireless headphone that works well in both the gym and office
4.5 / 5 stars | "By a considerable margin the best Bluetooth earphones I've played with [...] These aren't just Bluetooth gym earphones, they are audiophile Bluetooth gym earphones. If you are someone that regularly reads Head-Fi [...] these are Bluetooth earphones for you."
April 15, 2016 Mark Ramos
Head-Fi | MEE audio X7 Plus: Great wireless headphone that works well in both the gym and office
4.5 / 5 stars | "They sound great, have decent ambient sound blocking capabilities without being uncomfortable, and have good range without lots of signal dropouts."
February 15, 2016 red71rum
Head-Fi | MEE audio X7 Plus: A bassy wireless in-ear for working out
4 / 5 stars | "What I’m hearing from the X7 Plus is very solid – overall, the in-ears are quite convincing regarding sound quality and about comparable with the MEE M6 Pro."
February 13, 2016 HiFiChris
Youtube | MEE audio X7 Plus Sports Headphones Review February 8, 2016 Smart Tech
Gadget Center India | The Tech Portal: MEElectronics Sport-Fi X7 Review
"The Sport-Fi X7 has really good sound quality with good functionalities. The sweat proof feature makes it one of the best wireless headset for the workout. If you’re in the market for Bluetooth sport headphones, the Sport-Fi X7 should be on your shortlist. It sounds great and costs less."
June 14, 2015 JEET
Youtube | MEElectronics Sport-Fi X7: Best Priced Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for Working Out May 21, 2015 Matthew Moniz
Youtube | MEElectronics Sport Fi X7 Wireless Earphones Unboxing & Review
"A definite go if you're looking for great wireless earphones under $100 with plenty of clarity and bass."
May 17, 2015 MrAlexanderHwang
XDA Developers | Review of MEElectronics Sport-Fi X7 Bluetooth 4.0 w/aptX wireless headphones w/lots of pics!
"This MEElec model introduced a number of innovations I haven't seen before with any similar type of wireless headphones like moving a charger to in-line remote and moving mic out to an earpiece, using a built in cable cinch, and the first one with an audiophile shaped shell design and excellent memory wire implementation [...] I was very impressed with a balanced smooth clear sound of these wireless headphones, a sound that can go head-to-head against a number of wired headphones even in higher price category."
May 15, 2015 vectron
Head-Fi | MEElectronics Sport-Fi X7. The Bluetooth basshead audiophile package that delivers
4 / 5 stars | "Sport-Fi X7 is a great workout IEM that fits perfectly and isolates very well. It has really good sound quality and tuning that is geared towards making your afternoon run sound great."
May 8, 2015 Hisoundfi
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X7 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphone
  Review Date Author
X7 Wiki.ezvid | The 10 Best Bluetooth Earbuds: MEE audio X7
"They have a near sweatproof nano coating that also keeps them safe if you get caught in the rain during a run."
December 12, 2017 Brett Dvoretz
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M7P Secure-Fit Sports In-Ear Headphones with Mic, Remote, and Universal Volume
  Review Date Author
M7P Secure-Fit Sports In-Ear Headphones Business Insider | 16 effective workout accessories you can buy for under $50: Sweatproof headphones - MEE Audio M7P
"MEE audio's M7P is a well-rounded fitness headphone that combines a secure fit, bass-boosted sound, and affordability. As with all good fitness headphones, it is sweatproof and durable enough for strenuous exercise."
June 6, 2016 Spencer Lambert
HiConsumption | Road Noise: 7 Best Headphones for Running: MEE Audio M7P
"MEE Audio has a knack for finding a way to make simple, stunning. The M7P really don’t reinvent the wheel, they just manage to stay where they’re put without giving you serious earaches or flopping all over the place."
March 14, 2016 M. W. Byrne
Business Insider | For something cheap and workout-friendly, these are the headphones you should buy: MEE Audio M7P
"Talking about fit is notoriously subjective with something like this, but we were able to get an impressively tight seal out of the M7P. That, combined with its thin over-the-ear hooks, kept everything in place while we were on the move."
February 19, 2016 Jeff Dunn
T3 | Standard Charted Dubai Marathon: T3me’s Kit List - MEE Audio M7P Secure-Fit headphones
"Perfect for that focused run past the Burj Al Arab, these sports earphones have a secure over-the-ear fit with flexible earhooks and pivoting nozzles. For the searing summertime sweat, the Liquipel Watersafe nano-coating technology helps keep the device safe."
January 20, 2016 Anil George
Youtube | MEE Audio M7P: Unboxing & Review December 24, 2015 MrAlexanderHwang | Best holiday gifts for runners 2015: MEE Audio M7P Sports Headphones
"The M7P offers high quality audio with crisp treble and deep base at a great price. With its innovative pivoting nozzle and over-the-ear 'Flex-Fit' earhook, the MEE M7P is designed to stay put during intense workouts. Plus, the sweat-proof cables are detachable and user-replaceable."
December 8, 2015 Kimberly Bogin | Stocking Stuffers and Surprises Holiday Gift Guide: MEE audio M7P Sports Headphones
"Sick of losing your tunes while working out, or know someone who can’t deal without their music? MEE audio’s secure-fit technology makes for great sound and a snug yet comfortable fit."
December 8, 2015 Megan Thompson Brown
Under the Radar | MEE M7P: Getting Value in Your Workout Audio
"M7P sound great for the price and offer hope that you can repair or refresh them if they die on you. Definitely worth a look for anyone unhappy with their last workout audio purchase."
November 16, 2015 James Barber
Feeling Fit | MEE audio M7P Secure-Fit Sports In-Ear Headphones Tech Review
"I have danced, jumped rope and jogged wearing the M7P Secure-Fit Sports In-Ear Headphones and they stayed in place. In terms of maintaining a secure fit, these are among the best that I have tried."
October 30, 2015 slysam
HiConsumption | Reasonable Roar: The 9 Best Earbuds Under $50 - MEE audio M7P
"The M7P expands on the foundation of the M6 by offering a set of ergonomics thus far unseen in the earbud world, and practically unheard of in anything below $100."
September 15, 2015 M. W. Byrne
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S6P Memory Wire In-Ear Sports Headphones with Inline Microphone and Remote plus Armband
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6P Earphones Double Take Report | MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6P Earphones review
"I got to try out the MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6P Earphones, and I am glad they allowed me to, first of all I loved how they looked really slick and not to flashy, which is great when you're in the gym and not trying to be noticed."
March 3, 2014 Micah Adams
Shape Magazine: 10 Must-Haves for Marathon Runners
"The regular ol' Apple headphones don't cut it anymore. I am a huge fan of the Meelectronics Sport Fi Memory Wire In-Ear Headphones. First, they're not terribly pricey, and the sound is awesome. Other essential aspects to these are the over-the-ear capability that forms to your ear shape. Plus, they come with six sets of ear tips so you can find the size and shape that bets fits your ear. Read: They never fall out."
October 20, 2013 Heidi Pashman
The Bike Habit: Performance And Quality Outweigh the Cost - MEElectronics S6P Earphones
"The Score: 4.5/5 | The performance of these earphones rival that of some pretty tough competition such as Bose. But they come at a fraction of the price."
September 27, 2013 Nathan Reuck
Youtube: MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6P Review
"[MEElectronics] ... everything they do over there I think they do with good quality, they give good product, they give a lot of bang for the buck."
September 16, 2013 nonsupremous
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Original M Series M6 / M6P Over-the-Ear In-Ear Headphones
  Review Date Author
M6 earphones (IEMs) with passive noise cancellation headphones Mobile Tech Talk | MEE audio M6 Review
8.5 / 10 | "It's a stunning looker, its 'sweat proof' (IPX5 rated,) its got a great fit that's super secure for jumping about and it's got a gym loving sound signature. No wonder MEE are pushing it as an 'In-Ear Sports Headphone.' It fits that bill perfectly so if that is what you are after, then it's perfect for you."
March 8, 2016 Mark Ramos
"MEElectronics is a name to watch in the personal audio industry. As a rising star they're able to give high quality at a low price point. While their Atlas on-ear headphones are good and inexpensive, the M6 is our favorite for versatility."
February 25, 2015 M. W. Byrne Tech | 5 cheap and best earphones for music lovers: #1 MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6
"M6 do sound fun with pop and Bollywood music. Also these are fairly durable - and sweat resistant - earphones that tend to stay in your ear even if you are jogging fair fast. And that makes them a good buy in case you need something for the gym."
December 22, 2014 Editorial Staff
HICONSUMPTION | PLAYING BY EAR: The 12 best in-ear headphones available - MEElectronics M6
"While certainly the cheapest on the list at $20 these are by no means a slouch when it comes to quality… Though they are built with sports in mind, they're very useful for anyone that just wants high-quality sound and in-ear headphones that stay in place."
October 28, 2014 M. W. Byrne
Digital Trends | Best Headphones Under $50: MEElectronics M6
"The M6 comes in a few different colors and a few different versions."
October 12, 2014 Brandon Widder
CNET | Best headphones for under $25: #11 MEElectronics M6
"The M6 comes in a few different colors and a few different versions."
June 24, 2014 David Carnoy
Youtube | EthanTechHD: MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Review
"It totally blew me away – I did not expect this kind of sound to come from $20 headphones."
April 10, 2014 Ethan Iverson
John Stone Fitness | New Favorite Things item: MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Earbuds
"My first real-world test of the earbuds was a 45 mile ride on a hot and fairly windy day. The first thing I noticed was much less wind noise, clearly due to the excellent fit I was able to obtain. As I rode along I pretty much forgot about the earbuds: they were super comfortable and required absolutely no adjustments."
October 22, 2013 John Stone
Shape Magazine: 10 Must-Haves for Marathon Runners
"The regular ol' Apple headphones don't cut it anymore. I am a huge fan of the Meelectronics Sport Fi Memory Wire In-Ear Headphones. First, they're not terribly pricey, and the sound is awesome. Other essential aspects to these are the over-the-ear capability that forms to your ear shape. Plus, they come with six sets of ear tips so you can find the size and shape that bets fits your ear. Read: They never fall out."
October 20, 2013 Heidi Pashman
Mashable: Headphone Round Up - Our Top Picks - The MEElectronics M6 in Colors October 27, 2012 Kate Freeman
TechShout: #3 M6 in the 8 Best Running Earphones List "Like we said before, an efficient workout experience is derived only when you can reduce distractions. And the M6 Sports series from MEElectronics could just be the right pick for taking a few laps on foot." August 29, 2012 News Editor
Sneaker Report: Gear Guide: The 10 Best Running Headphones To Buy Now
"The lightweight M6 headphones feature a sleek design that includes memory wire for keeping the cable in place and out of your way. The over-the-ear design and angled housing make sure the headphones dont fall out while you run."
August 24, 2012 Gurvinder Singh Gandu
YouTube: [REVIEW] MEElectronics M6's *Powerful, Dynamic Sound With A Comfortable, Secure Fit* July 23, 2012 Manuel Magin
Headphone Scout: Best Workout & Running Headphones Recommendations featuring the M6
"My top recommendations."
June 15, 2012 mark
Workout Headphones: MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphones Review
"We still can't figure out why such a quality pair of sport ear buds are so cheap, but we're glad they are."
Jan 24, 2011 Workout Headphones MEElectronics M6 Sports Earphones Review July 01, 2011 Johnny Jarvis
Examiner: Best earphones for running: MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphones
"For the fit, the quality and the price, the M6 is one of the best sport headphones on the market for running."
May 24, 2011 Kimberly Bogin
Trail Running Blog: MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphone Review May 2011 Phong Chieng
webBikeWorld: MEE M6 Earbuds Review
"definitely my overwhelming favorite [...] at the price they're charging, these are a certified steal." "5/5 Stars"
April 26, 2011 Glenn W.
iFans: MEElectronics M6 Review
"These headphones are amazing ... you can use them everywhere, for the gym, to sleep, pretty much anything."
December 29, 2010 deepblue
MEElectronics M6P/M6 IEM's Review - Thump and Detail in a small budget."4/5 Stars (recommended)" October 20, 2010 ViKid MEElectronics M6 earphones | 3.5 star (Very good) February 3, 2010 Jasmine France
Head-fi: My personal impressions on Meelec M6 (warning, big photos ahead!)
"Thumbs up"
July 12, 2010 DervishD
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M3P In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire and Inline Microphone and Remote
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics Sport-Fi M3P In-Ear Headphones Android Rundown | MEElectronics Sport-Fi M3P In-Ear Headphones Hardware Review
"This piece is an unapologetic budget offering aimed at active folks, and as such, the big question is how it works in the wild. The combination of the memory wire featureset and the moldable ends works quite well to create a relaxed fit; jogging, headbanging and such didn't dislodge it in my experience [...] With sweat resistance added to the mix, the price is what might really set these apart; at $19.99 ($14.99 via some online shopping portals), these headphones mostly outperform their supposed price-point station."
October 13, 2014 Tre Lawrence
Real Run Ryan | Looking for outstanding headphones with outrageous sound? Look no further – Meet Sport-Fi from MEElectronics
"I have to say that these are by far the best sounding, most comfortable, snug-fit headphones I have ever used. I cannot believe that MEElectronics only charges $14.99 for them."
August 26, 2014 Ryan Light
Youtube | MEElectronics Sport Fi M3P Earbuds Review July 26, 2014 Ali
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M6 PRO Universal-Fit Noise-Isolating Musician's In-Ear Monitors with Detachable Cables
  Review Date Author
MEE audio M6PRO Get A Headphone | Mee audio M6 PRO Review
Overall score: 4.4 / 5 Stars | "MEE audio M6 Pro is the pure example of high-quality headphone with low price."
June 23, 2017 Danica Simic
In-Ear Headphones | MEE audio M6 PRO Review
9 / 10 "The MEE audio M6 PRO is an IEM for those that want something to last, with a strong build and great cable strength, you will enjoy these for a long long time."
June 22, 2016 Paulo
Youtube | Louis Sellers - MEE Audio M6 Pro In-Ear Monitors Review (feat. In Darklight) May 2, 2016 Louis Sellers | louistotalcontrol
samma3a | MEE Audio M6 PRO In-Ear Monitors Headphones Review
4.5 / 5 stars | 9 / 10 "For only $50, the MEE audio M6 Pro has all the innards of the high-end earphone but at a price that everyone could afford [...] Each instrument echoed with perfect quality though the MEE audio M6 Pro. Voices are clear, while mid and highs all hit the right amount of tone, something that you wouldn’t expect from a $50 earphone."
May 2, 2016 samma3a | Rockhound
Head-Fi | MEE audio M6 Pro Review
"Value: Just silly, the look fantastic, they come with two cables, detachable cables, you can buy replacement cables, replacement single buds and even a single sided cable if you only want to use one side. These should be pretty much at the top of the list for every budding audio based star starting out. They then come with a craze lifetime, will replace for half price if you kill them offer. "
April 28, 2016 mark2410 | M6 Pro Review
"M6 Pro offers great tonal accuracy with superb low frequency response. You get your deep lows and pounding thumps without sacrificing on the tonal clarity of the higher frequency ranges. If you’re looking for an upgrade over the SoundMagic E10M or E10S look no further. In fact at the Rs.3000 price point I haven’t come across any IEM that’s better."
February 29, 2016 Siddharth Parwatay
Digital DJ Tips | 10 DJ Gift Ideas Part 4: 10 Stocking Stuffers Under $100 - 1. MEE audio M6 PRO
"These days, you can get something like the M6 Pro from MEE Audio for even less than a pair of DJ headphones, and they're great for gigs where booth monitoring is poor (or non-existent), plus proper use can save your hearing in the long run, too!"
December 17, 2015 Joan
Audio46 | 10 Under The Radar Headphone Brands to Watch in 2016 - MEE audio
"MEE Audio has made quite a splash this year with their highly-regarded wireless models, as well as the cheap-as-chips M6 Pro IEM, which make your ears and your wallet happy at the same time. While their wireless market will doubtlessly grow in the coming year, we're particularly looking forward to a quality successor to the M6 Pro - especially when you consider that this inexpensive earphone can go toe-to-toe with headphones that cost three or four times as much. Yowch."
November 20, 2015 The 405
Youtube | MEE audio M6 PRO - In-ear Headphones (OneArmed Review)
"Here is a quick review on the MEE audio M6 Pro in-ear headphones that I use in my videos and during my gigs. These headphones are amazing and are available for only $50 or less."
November 13, 2015 OneArmed
Headphones Unboxed | Top 10 Best Earbuds 2015: #4 MEElectronics M6 PRO In-Ear Monitors
Rating: 4.5 "Here are the main reasons to choose the MEElectronics [M6 PRO]. They offer impressive sound quality with a very low price tag. Comfortable to use and include many ear tips. A rugged and attractive design."
September 1, 2015 Headphones Unboxed
Youtube | MEE Audio M6 Pro Musician's In-Ear Monitors Review July 30, 2015 Jordan Ash
Youtube | MEE Audio M6 Pro In-Ear Monitor Review
"The quality, construction, sound quality, and included accessories make this a pair of IEMs I can easily recommend to anyone looking for a neutral and more natural sounding music experience."
July 11, 2015 CanadianPenguinGaming
Complex | The 10 Best Headphones for the Traveling Man
"Designed with the jet-setting musician in mind, the M6 PRO headphones isolate noise both on and off the stage. These flexible in-ear buds wrap around the top of the ears for a firm, comfortable fit. The cables detach for an added touch of durability and are integrated with useful features like a mic, remote, and volume control. All in all, with the M6 PRO, you get studio-quality sound (yes, including deep bass) at the fraction of a cost."
Youtube | Digital DJ Tips Review: MEE audio M6 PRO In-Ear Monitors
"These days, you can get something like the M6 Pro from MEE Audio for even less than a pair of DJ headphones, and they're great for gigs where booth monitoring is poor (or non-existent), plus proper use can save your hearing in the long run, too!"
May 13, 2015 Digital DJ Tips
Digital DJ Tips | Review: MEE audio M6 PRO In-Ear Monitors
"If you DJ a lot of shows that have varying monitor qualities and you're getting frustrated by the inconsistencies, my recommendation is that you pick up a pair of IEMs and learn how to mix using them. The M6 Pros will give you a feel for what that’s like, and make for a fantastic entry-level pair of monitors because they do the job without breaking the bank. If you find that you like them and learn to use them at the proper levels, you'll also be saving yourself from hearing damage in the long run."
May 13, 2015 Joey Santos
Head-Fi | A professional package at an amateur price! The MEElectonics M6 Pro Musician's In-Ear Monitor with detachable cables
4 / 5 Stars "The M6 Pro took the original M6 design and took it a step further, making it a universal monitor that can be used both on and off the stage and all for around $50 USD [...] very few manufacturers can match their price to performance ratio."
April 30, 2015 Hisoundfi | MEElectronics M6 Pro Review (Non-Basshead)
"The MEElectronics M6 Pro is an incredible value and is the best-sounding IEM I've heard at its price point. Despite owning in-ears at many times the price, I plan to use these when I'm looking for more balanced tonal character, when I'm sleeping, or when I'm talking on the phone for a long period of time."
April 23, 2015 Basshead
Head-Fi | A "Refined" M6 is an Understatement – MEElectronics M6 PRO Review
5 Stars | "MEE knocked it out of the park with this one."
April 21, 2015 indieman
Head-Fi | A MEElectronics M6 Pro & A151P 2nd Generation Review
4.5 / 5 Stars | "The A151P and M6 Pro are very impressive IEMs from Meelectronics. Both punch above their price range and the A151P really hits my sweet spot. "
April 13, 2015 lin0003
Craving Tech | A Musician's Best Friend – MEElectronics M6 PRO Review
5 Stars | "For the price ($49.99), MEElectronics M6 PRO is unbeatable as a musician's in-ear monitor earphones. It's like having your own personalized earphones, thanks to the memory wire design that lets you 'mold' the cable to your ears. The sound quality is solid, the noise isolation is excellent, it's stylish yet comfortable, and comes with extra goodies that should have made this product priced higher."
March 25, 2015 Michael Aulia
Youtube | MEElectronics M6 PRO Review - BEST Professional In-Ear Monitor headphones under $50 March 13, 2015 Chris Upton
Piston Heads | MEElectronics M6 Pro Review
Overall score: 5 Stars | "The M6 Pro requires a little time to burn in and to really shine with the sound. Once settled they offer a dynamic sound, with slightly forward vocals, just as you would expect an IEM for professional use to sound. The bass, even if it can punch hard when needed, is toned down and natural sounding, the mids are smooth with slightly forward vocal range, and the highs are clear and crisp [...] when I first got the M6 Pro I had to double check the price, under $50 for a very nice sounding IEM, with all the equipment you will ever need and a build quality that would make Rolls Royce proud. Highly recommended! And I would add to that, a necessity for the aspiring musician/stage performer."
March 12, 2015 Finlandia
iFans | Review: MEElectronics M6 Pro
Overall score: 5 Stars | "Remarkable package for a relatively low price."
March 5, 2015 tinyman392
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Connect Universal Dual Headphone Bluetooth Audio Transmitter for TV
  Review Date Author
Connect Universal Dual Headphone Bluetooth Audio Transmitter for TV | High Tech Holiday Stocking Stuffers: Audio Devices - MEE audio Connect Universal Dual Headphone Bluetooth Audio Transmitter for TV
"This can be a life saver. Or at least a marriage saver. If you like to stay up late watching TV and your significant other like to turn in early, this device will allow you to stay up watching your favorite shows without the sound of the TV disturbing your partner. It also works for other audio devices as well. It will stream audio to up to two Bluetooth headphones or speakers simultaneously. Let’s say you want to hear the game outside while firing up the grill. Add this to connectyour TV in the living room, connect it to a Bluetooth speaker that you have outside and crack open a cold one."
December 11, 2015 Chris Graveline
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Wave Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Headset Functionality
  Review Date Author
MEE audio Wave Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones | MEE audio Wave Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones Review
"MEE audio Wave is a nice multipoint supported Bluetooth headphones with clear sound and heavy controlled bass. Super long battery life and easy to carry around when folded in case. In addition, you can make phone call with it too. And get charged really fast."
November 1, 2015 Jayce Ooi
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Touch AF65 Advanced Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Touch Control
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics Air-Fi Touch AF65 Advanced Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Touch Control iPhone Life | Best Tech Gifts of 2015 on a Budget: Your Guide to the Coolest Presents for Under $100 - MEE Audio Air-Fi Touch On-Ear Wireless Headphones
"The Air-Fi Touch have a stylish elegance to them that make them appropriate for everything from college dorms to business flights."
December 10, 2015 Siva Om
iPhone Life | Editor's Picks: Top 10 Headphones of the Year - MEE Audio Air-Fi Touch
"on-ear headphones are exceedingly light and come with a touchpad control on one of its earcups so you can easily adjust audio playback by swiping right or left and volume by swiping up or down."
December 4, 2015 Siva Om
iPhone Life | 3 Stellar Bluetooth Headphones for Enjoying Music on Your Apple Watch - Portable and Minimalist: Touch-Sensitive On-Ear Headphones
"I tried these sophisticated headphones out at CES and I was definitely impressed. Their sound quality is superb, with pleasingly accurate audio reproduction. Their fit is comfortable and lightweight for longer listening sessions. If you appreciate being able to remain aware of your surroundings while you are wearing headphones and listening to music, you'll feel comfortable with the Air-Fi Touch."
June 25, 2015 Siva Om
AndroidSPIN | MEElectronics Air-Fi Touch Advanced Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review: Touching is allowed
"The thing that keeps me coming back the MEElectronics' products is that they not only have great sounding headphones for a great price – they have great audio quality period, and the Air-Fi Touch is business as usual."
June 8, 2015 Stephen Yuen
Youtube | Wireless Headphones With Touch Controls? MEElectronics AirFi Touch Unboxing & Review June 7, 2015 MrAlexanderHwang
Youtube | Review - MEElectronics Air-Fi Touch Bluetooth Headphones! April 28, 2015 TekGeekHD
XDA Developers | Review of MEElec Air-Fi Touch wireless bluetooth on-ear headphones
"Once you submerge yourself into their sound, you will be pleased of how well wireless audio can perform with aptX codec, and you can enjoy this feeling for the whole 24 hours on a single charge! With its compact folding design and excellent storage case, these also make a great travel companion [...] The sound itself is nicely balanced, detailed, and with just a perfect amount of bass enhancement without going overboard."
March 12, 2015 vectron
Youtube | MEElectronics Air-Fi Touch Bluetooth Wireless Headphones March 6, 2015 Geekanoids
Youtube | MEElectronics Air-Fi Touch Advanced BT Wireless Headphones w/ Touch Control & Headset Functionality February 22, 2015 Gaul Reviews
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Rumble AF80 Enhanced-Bass Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics Air-Fi Venture AF52 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Youtube | MEElectronics Air-Fi Rumble On Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Enhanced Bass May 26, 2015 DJFeeLOfficial
Android Spin | Air-Fi Rumble Wireless Bluetooth Headphones By MEElectronics
"Out of the box, it offers an incredibly balanced audio experience without the need for EQ tuning. The bass is amazing, and the mids and highs are extremely clear. [...] The Rumble's prime selling point is the fact that it is a wireless headset that doesn't cost much at all and offers great audio quality."
February 22, 2015 Stephen Yuen
TechDissected | Air-Fi Rumble Wireless Bluetooth Headphones By MEElectronics
"9.5/10 | If you're in the market for a really good sounding pair of wireless, Bluetooth headphones, then check out the Air-Fi Rumble by MEElectronics."
February 16, 2015 CLIFF WADE
eTeknix: Air-Fi Rumble AF80 Bluetooth Headphones
"Editor's Choice Award | MEElectronics have created a great quality headset and while the brand name may not be familiar to many of you, the AF80 headset is certainly worth considering, as it sounds great, the design looks cool and the price is certainly competitive."
February 3, 2015 Peter Donnell
Run Around Tech | Review: MEElectronics Air-Fi Rumble Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
"If you've shied away from wireless over the ear headphones either because of their price or their size the MEElectronics Air-Fi Rumble Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are worth a look. The Air-Fi's fold up small, come in two colors and provide good sound at an affordable price. These headphones were comfortable to wear, even for longer session, such as watching a movie. If you're in the market for an affordable pair of wireless over the ear headphones be sure to check out the MEElectronics Air-Fi Rumble Bluetooth Wireless Headphones today."
December 30, 2014 Larry Greenberg
Youtube | Run Around Tech: Air-Fi Rumble AF80 Bluetooth Headphones December 30, 2014 Larry Greenberg
Youtube | MEElectronics Air-Fi Rumble Bluetooth Headphones Review (HD) December 30, 2014 Ben
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Matrix2 AF62 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix AF62 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Top PC Tech | Best Over-Ear Headphones under $50 & $100 Reviewed in 2017 - MEE audio Matrix2
"The cordless life is an ultimate dream of hardcore music listeners. To me, the attractive feature is the longest talk time of about 22 hours."
July 11, 2017  
Head-Fi | Good value for a wireless headphone: The MEElectonics Air-Fi Matrix² AF62 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Headset Functionality review
4 / 5 Stars "Kudos, MEElectronics, you have developed a pretty balanced and decent sounding headphone offering an audio performance you wouldn't expect from a Bluetooth headphone this inexpensive."
July 17, 2015 HiFiChris
XDA Developers: Review of MEElec Matrix 2 AF62 wireless Bluetooth 4.0 headphones+aptX!
"Based on its sound quality (including support for BT4.0 + aptX), build quality, extended battery life, flexibility of using both wired and wireless, and a cool storage case – MEElec Matrix 2 is one heck of a value."
June 3, 2015 vectron
HiConsumption | SOUND OFF: THE 8 BEST HEADPHONES UNDER $200 - MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix2 AF62
"Trying to find quality Bluetooth headphones under $200 is a challenge. Most of them suffer from terrible reception, uncomfortable construction, limited options, or are just fall-apart-in-a-stiff-breeze cheap. The Matrix2 strikes a better balance, creating outstanding audio at variable volume levels that doesn't fade out mids or muddy up the bass. The option of using these with either a cord or going full wireless is nice, though with the many hours of battery life, you'll probably never need the cable."
May 20, 2015 M. W. Byrne
InnerFidelity | Bluetooth Headphone/Headset Survey Review - MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix2 AF62
"These are simply an outstanding value, if you've been reluctant to cut the cord, these are the cans that should push you over the edge [...] The Jaybird will come off the Wall [of Fame] in a burst of feathers as the MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix2 AF62 hits it with authority."
December 6, 2014 Tyll Hertsens
InnerFidelity | 2014 InnerFidelity Holiday Gift Guide Tyll Hertsens: MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix2 AF62
"You won't believe how great these sound [...] May be my best gift recommendation on this list; a real bargain!"
November 25, 2014 Tyll Hertsens
iPhone Life Magazine | iPhone Life Magazine Back to School - Issue: iPhoneLife Vol. 6, No. 5, Sept-Oct 2014: Air-Fi Matrix2 Bluetooth Over-Headphones
"With HD audio and up to 22 hours of battery life, the Matrix2 is perfect for trekking around campus unencumbered by wires"
August 21, 2014 Siva Om
AndroidSPIN | MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix2 AF62 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review: Bluetooth audio goes premium without the premium price Tag
"MEElectronics has done it again; a great value set of over-ear headphones that look great and sound great. I'm a big fan of the balanced audio, the reserved, but elegant design and the fact that it does this as a Bluetooth wireless headset for less than $150."
June 21, 2014 Stephen Yuen MEElectronics Matrix2
"I am a firm believer that CD quality (and the highest lossy quality) can be delivered wirelessly. The Matrix2 does deliver on that front offering great quality even when worn wirelessly."
May 30, 2014 tinyman392
Piston Heads: MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix AF62
"I never thought wireless headphones could sound as great as the Matrix2 … Highly recommended."
May 2, 2014 Finlandia
hollywoodfrodo | Youtube: MEElectronics Bluetooth Headphones Review - Best Headphones for Android iPhone etc. (Matrix AF62)
"I can attest that these are excellent excellent headphones. They're very comfortable [...] they're great [...] I would highly highly recommend them."
November 7, 2013 hollywoodfrodo
techzspecz | Youtube: Matrix Wireless Bluetooth Headphones By MEElectronics Review
"For $150, incredible bass, crisp sound quality, design, comfort, and the fact that they are wireless, these are a must buy. (10/10)."
October 20, 2013 techzspecz
Run Around Tech | Youtube: MEElectronics Air Fi Matrix AF62 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
"As far as I'm concerned, the MEElectronics Matrix are my go to headphones [...] For $150 they are really affordable, they're really stylish and sleek looking and they're very comfortable to wear."
August 9, 2013 Run Around Tech
Run Around Tech: MEElectronics Air Fi Matrix AF62 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
"The Matrix Headphones have just become my permanent headphones. These things do it all."
August 9, 2013 Run Around Tech
XDA Developers: MEElectronics AirFi Matrix Bluetooth Headphones
"Music on these headphones sounds amazing. I am not a fan of many headphones out there with over killed bass but I do like a decent thump - these babies delivered perfectly!"
August 29, 2013 cor4twenty
iPhone Life Magazine | Air-Fi Matrix Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (Review)
"All in all, these headphones are well worth the price, and I'll likely be using the Matrix now more than my beloved earbuds."
August 23, 2013 Paula Bostrom
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Venture AF52 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics Air-Fi Venture AF52 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones XDA Developers: MEElectronics Venture AF52 Bluetooth Headphones
"Overall, I think these headphones are very unique in its design and hybrid wireless/wired functionality. With an incredible battery life and selection of easy to use controls, comfort of use due to soft earpads and headband, and current Amazon price of under $80 - these have an incredible value."
October 8, 2013 vectron
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Runaway AF32 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth wireless stylish headphones with microphone Android Spin | MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review: connect to your device and Runaway
"The MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are a fantastic package for a great price."
January 20, 2014 Stephen Yuen
Accessory Spotter - Air-Fi Runaway AF32 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with hidden microphone by MEElectronics
"Overall: 5/5 stars | Some of our favorite headphones so far. In fact, one of our favorite accessories so far."
May 16, 2013 aspotter
Country Weekly: Holiday Gift Guide feat. MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth Headphones
"Earbuds are so 2001. We're excited to cut the cord with these supercomfortable headphones that allow you to listen to your music library or streaming radio on your Bluetooth-enabled devices (your phone, for instance). Ideal for travel - as well as just lounging on the couch, free from those pesky wires."
June 6, 2012 Country Weekly
RootzWiki: MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Headphones [Video Review]
"... these are by far the best bang for your buck"
June 6, 2012 Derek De La Cruz
The AF32 Places Top 15 for cnet's Best Headphones for Under $100 List May 14, 2012 David Carnoy
Pistonheads: MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Headphones Review
"The option to use them both as wired or wireless headphones is a huge plus, and they sound great too. Highly recommended!"
May 14, 2012 Finlandia
PC Advisor: MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth Headphones Review
"The fact that I tested the MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 over such a long period of time speaks to another of their strengths: battery life. MEElec claims that the Air-Fi AF32 have a talk-time battery life of more than 10 hours, and a listening time of at least 12 hours. My time using the MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 principally for listening to music and podcasts suggests that this is a fair rating."
May 1, 2012 Matt Egan
Daily iPhone Blog: MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review
"[The AF32] offer great stereo separation and soundstage, claim mid range, crisp treble and solid base all contribute to a very satisfying listening experience for the meeting electronics headphones. I was satisfied enough with the sound quality of the Meelectronic headphones that I recommended them to several of my friends and colleagues. Many people today are looking for that perfect Bluetooth connection for sound today. Most people prefer wireless connections, should it be headphones or an iPod. They are compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android devices too. They have a dynamic bass sound using the wired connection. The sound quality is excellent at any volume levels."
April 28, 2012 Mitch Stevens MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Review | Very Good - 3.5 stars April 23, 2012 David Carnoy MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review
"For a set of headphones that packs Bluetooth Audio and that features a microphone, for $80 the AF32 is a definite steal"
March 24, 2012 Patrick Nosker
Head-Fi: MEElectronics AF32 Air-Fi Bluetooth Portable Headphones
"a great quality bluetooth headphone from a company that knows how to make amazing products. The controls work great, the call quality is outstanding, they isolate well, are comfortable and light enough to be worn for long periods of time. Overall the sound is balanced, a welcome surprise in a bass heavy headphone world."
March 22, 2012 dziendobry
AAII Gadget Corner: MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
"The sound is quite amazing. There is none of the crackling or popping sometimes associated with Bluetooth audio. The headphones deliver clear, crisp sound through the low, medium and high ranges, as well as noticeable, albeit not overpowering, bass. I was equally impressed with the call quality. At $80, the AF32s offer tremendous value [...] If you are looking for Bluetooth headphones, I definitely suggest trying the MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32"
March 3, 2012 Wayne A. Thorp
Wired Magazine: Audio Accessory Review for AF32 Bluetooth Headphones
"The Air-Fi AF32s are a great deal at the sub-$100 price range, especially given that you're dealing with Bluetooth and not some clunky receiver device [...] if you've been looking to cut the wire without spending a fortune, these are a nice solution, especially with the built-in mic feature."
March 3, 2012 James Floyd Kelly
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M9B Bluetooth Noise-Isolating In-Ear Stereo Headset
  Review Date Author
m9b VR-Zone | MEE Audio M9B Bluetooth Earphone Review June 29, 2016 Zayne Seah
Youtube | MEE Audio M9B Earphones Review January 11, 2016 CWTech
TechDissected | Review: M9B Bluetooth Wireless Noise-Isolating In-Ear Stereo Headset
9.4 / 10 | "If you’re in the market for a pair of Bluetooth, wireless, noise-isolating, in-ear headphones, then the MEE Audio M9B’s are something to look at."
January 11, 2016 Cliff Wade
Youtube | MEEaudio M9B Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review January 7, 2016 Galaxy Tech Review
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M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphone with Inline Microphone and Remote
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics M-Duo Dual Dynamic Driver Earphones Youtube | MEElectronics M-Duo Dual Driver In Ear Headphones May 27, 2015 DJFeeLOfficial | MEElectronics M-Duo Review (Non-Basshead)
"If you're looking for versatile earphones and enjoy a little extra bass punch on top of wonderful clarity, the MEElectronics M-Duo provides what you want in spades at a price point that won't break the bank. For many, this would be a great first step toward the world of audiophile earphones."
May 3, 2015 Basshead
USA Today | These durable, customizable earbuds offer quality audio: M-Duo Review
"Listening to music with these in-ear headphones is truly a rewarding experience. No matter what the source material is, the M-Duo performs remarkably well."
December 13, 2014 Nick Schmiedicker
Yahoo Tech | Gift Ideas: The Best Headphones Under $100 - The M-Duo
"These earbuds have a wonderfully clear, albeit bass-heavy, sound that's great for pop music and vocals-focused music. A wonderful value, considering the $50 price tag."
December 4, 2014 Alyssa Bereznak
Smarty Cents | Coolest Tech Gifts Under $50 - The M-Duo
"This swank headset from MEElectronics boasts a separate subwoofer (which means plenty of bass) and a rich, clear sound that's decidedly atypical of your average ear buds."
November 23, 2014 Alissa Harb | Back to School Tech Guide 2014 - The M-Duo
"M-Duo is perfect for those who want to feel up close and personal with their music. With a dedicated subwoofer and crossover, each driver reproduces a different part of the frequency spectrum, which ensures you feel the bass while the rest of the spectrum remains clean and clear."
August 18, 2014 Tempestt Patterson
XDA Developers: Review of MEElectronics M-Duo In-Ear Headphones
"Overall, I was very impressed with a design, built quality, and really enjoyed the sound of M-Duo. The bass response of these is fantastic and will be appreciated by anybody no matter what style of music you are in."
October 9, 2013 vectron
Anything But iPod: MEElectronics M-Duo IEM Review
"[The M-Duo] provide a fun sound signature that I would recommend to those looking for in the dynamic driver category and they win out over many in this price range."
September 23, 2013 Ramón Garcia-Lavin
Head-Fi: MEElectronics M-Duo Dual Driver Monitor Review
"The M-Duos, as always like the other headphones that Meelectronics offers, is a great bang for the buck in ear monitor that offers excellent sound quality for the price."
September 9, 2013 TravisL
PistonHeads: MEElectronics M-Duo
"The strongest point of the M-Duos is the life-like sound and the dynamic range of the dual dynamic transducers, and of course the soundstage that is on par with a stadium concert."
July 20, 2013 Finlandia
ifans: Review - MEElectronics M-Duo
"Overall score: Five stars | The M-Duo offers a great overall package giving the second-in-line great built, comfort, and design."
June 25, 2013 Marcus Nguyen
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A151P Balanced Armature Reference Noise Isolating In-Ear Headset with Inline Mic and Remote
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics Armature Series A151P balanced armature in-ear headphone (earphone) Headspace Reviews | MEE audio A151P 2nd Generation In Ear Earphone Review
"The 2nd generation A151P has taken the best of the 1st gen and add to it. With greater extension and a overall improvement in sound, the 2nd gen is a winning IEM. The sound is inviting and warm, and with a price tag under $50 USD, you wont find a better sounding IEM in that price range."
July 15, 2015 pformagg
Head-Fi | MEElectronics A151P Gen.2: Impressive IEM for The Price
4.5 / 5 Stars | "Instruments placement & positioning is really great. Neutral, detailed, transparent are the key words for A151P Gen2 . Its resolving power is very good, considering the price point [...] Unbeatable price/performance ratio for IEM's under 50."
April 26, 2015 YoYo JoKeR
Head-Fi | A MEElectronics M6 Pro & A151P 2nd Generation Review
5 / 5 Stars | "The A151P and M6 Pro are very impressive IEMs from MEElectronics. Both punch above their price range and the A151P really hits my sweet spot. "
April 13, 2015 lin0003
Head-Fi | Smooth Operator, Part 2 – MEElectronics A151P 2nd Generation Review
4 Stars | "For $50, I have never heard such midrange prowess. Smooth, natural, and lifelike, it gets me hooked every time I put them on and press play [...] Everything – the bass, the midrange, and the treble – all come together and work in a unison unlike anything I've ever seen. They blended with each other so coherently that I found no excuse to put them down."
April 5, 2015 thatBeatsguy
Head-Fi | From good to great! MEElectronics A151P
"The Meelectronics A151P is the best single balanced armature I have ever heard. It's a high resolution sound with a warm tilt and crisp upper frequencies that never get too harsh. They work for all genres of music, but especially for rock, acoustic music, and vocals."
February 12, 2015 Hisoundfi
Head-Fi | My New Budget King: MEElectronics A151P
"Feel like this beats anything in the $50 range hands down […] and even quite a few $100 ones like the SE215 and H-100 as mentioned above."
November 2, 2013 lin0003
The Wirecutter | The Best $100 In-Ear Headphones: MEElectronics A151P
"A strong second place went to the MEElectronics A151Ps. With clean highs and mids, and a generally nice sound field and depth, the A151Ps were another favorite."
October 6, 2013 Lauren Dragan
iFans | Review: MEElectronics A151P
"Audio: 4.5/5 stars, Value: 4.5/5 stars, Overall: 4.5/5 stars | The sound quality is still great for the price and design eye catching. The build is top-notch overall as well."
October 6, 2013 Marcus Nguyen
Mashable: 7 Best Earbuds for Jamming On-the-Go - #2. MEElectronics A151
"I like the sound on these better than my bose or my Sennhesier sports."
August 27, 2013 Taylor Casti
Macworld Australia: Buying Guide: Find the Best Headphones - Recommended Headphone - A151 December 6, 2012 Dan Frakes Holiday Gift Guide - Best Gifts under $100 - The MEElectronics A151 In-Ear Headphone October 31, 2012 Sarah Tew
When in Manila: MEElectronics A151 In-Ear Earphone - Budget Friendly Balanced Armature Clarity
"Thankfully, MEElectronics offers a single balanced armature driver in-ear earphone with a budget friendly price tag, delivering accurate and clear sound quality while keeping your budget intact."
August 29, 2012 Cholo Isungga
cnet: MEElectronics A151 Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones Review | Four Stars (Excellent) May 11, 2012 David Carnoy
The A151 Places Top 15 for cnet's Best Headphones for Under $100 List April 6, 2012 David Carnoy
Macworld: MEElectronics A151 Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphone
"Overall, the A151 is a strong performer that offers a neutral sound rarely seen at this price."
January 9, 2012 R. Matthew Ward
It's a Headphones Thing: MEElectronics A151 Review
"Overall Score: 9/10"
January 9, 2011 Thedevilgamer
AAII Gadget Corner: MEElectronics A151 Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphone Review
"The A151s are well built [...] At $74.99, these earbuds are a bargain, and MEElectronics could justify charging even more for them."
December 3, 2011 Charles Rotblut Headphone Buying Guide
The A151 is featured as a recommended in-ear-canal headphones.
November 16, 2011 Dan Frakes MEElectronics A151 In-Ear Monitor Review
"The A151 are definitely the best sounding balanced armature powered in-ear monitors that I have seen for under $100."
August 24, 2011 Patrick Nosker
Remote Shoppe Reviews MEElectronics A151 Headphones
"the MEElectronics A151 have become my in-ear headphone of choice and I use them regularly at home, in the gym and on the road"
June 6, 2011 Jim Bask
Headphones Review: MEElectronics A151s
"The MEE A151 headphones offer a beautiful design, detailed audio quality, great build quality, good comfort, and a big bang for your buck."
May 26, 2011 tinyman392
Jeremy Goh's Weblog: Review: MEElec (MEElectionics) A151 Balanced Armature In-Ear Earphone
"the precision audio, wide soundstage and the solid build quality you get from the earphones far exceeds the price you are paying for"
May 22, 2011 Jeremy Goh
Noisy Motel's review of the MEElectronics A151 in-ear headphones
"perform comparably with headphones costing many times more."
May 21, 2011 Noisy Motel
anythingbutipod: MEElectronics A151 Review
"I really think that MEE hit a home run with the A151s"
May 6, 2011 Ramon Garcia-Lavin
Craving Tech: MEElectronics A151 Review
"Once you have the MEElectronics A151, listening to your music with in-ear earphones will never be the same again."
April 29, 2011 Michael Aulia
In Ear Matters: [REVIEW] MEElectronics CX21, CW31, CC51 and A151
"Rating: 4.85/5" "** Sonic Diamond award **"
April 17, 2011 Tai (ClieOS)
PC World: MEElectronics A151 Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphone
"Rating: 85/100 (Very Good)"
April 7, 2011 Laldinfela Pachuau
Head-fi: My personal impressions on Meelec A151 April 6, 2011 DervishD
Head-fi: MEElectronics SP51 and A151 Review
"a bargain for its price"
March 28, 2011 Smallville
cnet's The Audiophiliac: Two awesome-sounding, yet very affordable in-ear headphones - featuring the MEElectronics A151 March 18, 2011 Steve Guttenberg
Head-fi: [Review] MEElectronics A151 February 24, 2011 rawrster
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Atlas IML Graphics Headphones
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics Atlas IML Graphics Headphones PC Advisor | 27 best headphones of 2015 UK: #10 MEElectronics Atlas Orion
"Good to look at, nicely put together and comfortable to use. With only a couple of minor caveats we are impressed with the MEElectronics Atlas Orion. "
January 5, 2015 Matt Egan
HiConsumption | STREET BEATS: THE 6 BEST ON-EAR HEADPHONES - MEElectronics Atlas
"Elegant is the word for the Atlas headphones." "Though they don't have quite the refinement of $300 headphones, they're still a steal."
November 10, 2014 M. W. Byrne
Chicago Tribune | MEElectronics Atlas: Lightweight headphones are easy on the ears
"The sound is crisp and clean whether I'm listening to a movie or music. The microphone is great for phone calls, and the detachable cord comes in handy if I'm listening to a movie over a plane's sound system and I get up to move around. But its negligible weight and ventilated earpads are my favorite features."
August 6, 2014 Terry Gardner
cnet | MEElectronics Atlas CNET Review — Overall: Four stars (Excellent) May 27, 2014 Ty Pendlebury
cnet | MEElectronics Atlas CNET Video Review May 23, 2014 Ty Pendlebury
PC Advisor | MEElectronics Atlas Orion review: cheap on-ear headphones offer decent audio and build quality
"4.5 / 5 stars. Good to look at, nicely put together and comfortable to use. With only a couple of minor caveats we are impressed with the MEElectronics Atlas Orion."
April 14, 2014 Matt Egan
Youtube | Tek Syndicate: MEElectronics Atlas Headphones Overview (Plus Mic Test)
"They've balanced this out so you get a little sparkle in the treble, really clean mids, and just booming bass, all together, and it works, and they sound really good."
April 7, 2014 Tek Syndicate
Geekdad | The New Atlas Headphones — Best of CES 2014
"All in all, I believe the Best of CES 2014 award was well deserved. I've tested more expensive headphones that didn't sound this good. The Atlas look great… and sounds great. They're comfortable (extremely comfortable!) and they're priced right. If you're in the market for a nice set of headphones for a mix of uses, I think you'll be quite happy with the Atlas."
March 13, 2014 James Floyd Kelly
AndroidSPIN | MEElectronics Atlas IML Graphics On-Ear Headphones Review: stunning sound and even more stunning Looks
"The MEElectronics Atlas IML Graphics On-Ear Headphones are a fantastic all-round set of headphones; great sound and even better looks, they've got almost everything you'll need from a set of headphones, and it comes with mobile capabilities to boot."
March 8, 2014 Stephen Yuen
iFans | Review: MEElectronics Atlas
"Overall: 5/5 stars | MEE incorporates a slew of technologies, old and new, into a pair of headphones. The in-mold label (IML) printing methods and technology employed allow the headphones to standout in design while the multi-layering due to this technique makes them feel great. Vented pads tune the sound and add comfort. Speaking of sound, though, these really just sound great."
February 22, 2014 Marcus Nguyen
Head-Fi | Atlas Orion Headphones Review: Very Fun Headphones
"The sound really shocks you with just how fun, yet capable it is. It is clearly "mainstream" but the sound is wonderful and can easily challenge other $100 headphones."
February 15, 2014 lin0003
TECHSPECZ: Atlas On-Ear Headphones By MEElectronics Review
"Since I got my hands on MEElectronics headphones I've found all my other headphones collecting dust. For the truly spectacular design, the crisp sound quality, dynamic bass, and small price tag, these are a necessity."
January 19, 2014 techzspecz
iPhone Life Magazine | Best of CES Award Winners: MEElectronics Atlas Headphones
"These stylish headphones offer the sound quality of higher-end units without the premium price. Featuring an on-ear design that's comfortable and stable, these headphones come in five elegant designs."
January 16, 2014 Alex Cequea
Youtube | The Smoking Android: MEElectronics Atlas (Carbon) Headphones Review
"These would make a great gift or a great purchase if you're in the market for a new set of headphones and you're steering away from Beats by Dre and all these other insanely expensive, overpriced, and overrated headphones - these would be a great alternative."
December 20, 2013 Jared Busch
Complex | Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Over-ear Headphones Under $100 - MEElectronics Atlas
"Striking in sound quality and style, MEElectronics new flagship headphones are the first to use in-mold labeling technology to feature multi-layered graphics embedded into the receivers. Expect to turn some heads on the audio end as well with crisp clarity and strong bass output running the show. Choose from five different high-contrast sketches: including Carbon, Diamond, Fantasy, Orion, and Sky."
December 12, 2013 Alex Bracetti
XDA Developers: Review of MEElectronics Atlas On-Ear Headphones
"Overall, I was VERY IMPRESSED with these new headphones from MEElectronics. Everything from design details to a comfortable fit and "fun" sound signature for under $100 represents one of the best values I have seen in this category. I can tell you with certainty, if you are even considering Beats Solo HD (2x the price of these) or any other pair of headphones in $100-$200 category for a portable use - I would give ATLAS a VERY serious consideration. These don't try to imitate anybody. They firmly stand on the ground as the NEXT headphone with its own unique design and sound."
December 12, 2013 vectron
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HT-21 Portable On-Ear Headphones
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics Headphones for Travel Series HT-21 folding headphone CNET | Best headphones for under $25: #7 MEElectronics HT-21 Travel
"The HT-21 is one of MEElectronics' stalwart budget models."
June 24, 2014 David Carnoy Holiday Gift Guide - Best Gifts under $50 - The MEElectronics HT-21 Headphone October 31, 2012 Sarah Tew MEElectronics HT-21 Travel Headphones Review
"The HT-21 over-the-ear headphones do a great job of delivering a balanced sound, are comfortable for hours and are at a great price point for their value. If you're concerned with value, then know that dollar for dollar, these are some of the best headphones I've ever tried for their price range."
April 27, 2012 Michael Foley MEElectronics HT-21 Headphones Unboxing/Review April 25, 2012 IFuzionDesignz
Business Insider's RANKED: Best Budget Headphones Under $100 List
"Low in price, great in sound: The MEElectronics HT-21 gives you great value for the most budgeted of all audiophiles. The headphones deliver clear sound and ear pieces that you can swivel around for comfort. Use this with your portable devices to watch movies, listen to music, or play games on the go."
April 6, 2012 Natt Garun
Trusted Reviews: MEElectronics HT-21 review
"Our Rating: 8/10"
April 28, 2011 Andrew Williams
cnet: MEElectronics HT-21 Portable Headphone | 4 stars (Excellent) Apr 14, 2011 Justin Yu
Musical Musings: MEElectronics HT-21 Review - Rock Out Mar 25, 2011 TheGame21x
i-techtalk: ME Electronics HT-21 Review February 11, 2011 shravanthi
In Ear Matters: [REVIEW] MEElectronics HT-21
"yet another great valued product to MEElec's list of bang-for-the-bucks offerings"
January 20, 2011 Tai / ClieOS Headphone/Earphone Reviews M-R
"Simply put, the HT-21s are superb for the asking price. Highly recommended."
January 9, 2011 Finlandia
Head-fi: Review: MEElectronics HT-21: Loud & Clear!
"The clarity is truly class-leading and the fairly airy presentation may finally work to kill off the stigma against closed entry-level headphones. [...] the HT-21 is another budget set done right by Meelec."
December 14, 2010 |joker|
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M9 Classic Hi-Fi Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones
  Review Date Author
M9 Classic Hi-Fi Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones TechDissected | MEElectronics M9 Classic Earbuds, Do They Sound Like They Cost Only 10 Bucks
Overall score: 9.4/10 "Excellent"
May 12, 2015 Cliff Wade | MEElectronics M9 Classic: WOW, Alumium In-Ears for a price that is hard to belive.
4.5 stars | "The M9 is ridiculously cheap. You don't get fancy accessories or foam tips. What you do get is an awesome pair of aluminum in-ears, that are light, yet durable and has great sound to match."
March 5, 2015 pformagg | MEElectronics M9 Classic: Your Budget M8
5 stars | "For what the M9 Classics cost, they are nothing short of amazing. They blow away the competition and punch above their price. For the audiophile on a budget, I can think of nothing better."
March 2, 2015 DisCHORDDubstep | MEElectronics M9 Classic Review: Big sound at a small price!
4 stars | "If you are looking for a high energy sound, and something with great build quality, with a warranty to boot…look no further than the MEElectronic M9 classic [...] I honestly don't know how the price on these could be this low."
February 8, 2015 Hisoundfi
Run Around Tech | Review: M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones
5 stars | "All in all, the M9 Classic is a $10 headphone that feels like it's $100 counterparts."
February 8, 2015 Roger | thatBeatsguy Reviews - MEElectronics M9 Classic: Minimalistic. Animalistic.
"If you have the money to spare and you're looking for an amazing budget pair, don't go anywhere; the M9 is one of the best choices out there [...] This is the first time I've ever given a perfect score in the Value section, but I feel it is perfectly warranted. The MEElectronics M9 simply has one of the best, if not the best value of any IEM I've ever seen."
December 4, 2014 thatBeatsguy
iFans | MEElectronics M9 Classic Review
Value: 5 stars, Overall Score: 4.5 stars |"This is probably the cheapest pair of buds that I've ever been able to recommend. Coming in at just under ten dollars, these IEMs are quite a steal. They have a very good build with great comfort. The sound quality you get for this price really can't be matched by any IEM."
November 7, 2014 tinyman392
Android Spin | MEElectronics M9 Classic In-Ear Headphones Review: The best earphones you can get for $14.99 (or $9.99 right now)
"What else is there to say about the M9 Classic? It's ridiculously cheap and sounds fantastic, which should tick all the boxes for a solid audio option for yourself or something to stuff stockings with later this year."
October 12, 2014 Stephen Yuen
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M9P In-Ear Headphone with Inline Mic, Remote, Volume Control (2nd Generation)
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics M9P In-Ear Headset with Flat Cable USA Today / | 2015 Best of Year Headphone Awards - Best Headphones Under $25: MEElectronics M9P 2nd Gen
"These 'buds are comfortable, durable, can be found for less than $25 but produce a nice, clear sound profile that is on par with headphones that cost several times as much."
November 10, 2015 Staff
Youtube | MEElectronics M9P In-Ear Headphones Review May 3, 2015 Jordan Ash Headphones | 2014 Best of Year Headphone Awards: Best Value In-Ear Headphones - Runner up: MEElectronics M9P
"M9Ps produce a smooth, distortion-free sound at a low price point that's almost hard to believe. Available in a variety of attractive colors, the MEElectronics M9Ps are a comfortable, flexible option for consumers on a budget - or pretty much anyone else who's just looking for a great-sounding pair of in-ears. "
November 6, 2014 Editorial Staff
USA Today | MEElectronics M9P Headphones Review: These $20 in-ear headphones are a steal
"The 2nd Generation M9P in-ears are simply a terrific value for consumers. Between the sturdy design, generous soundscape, and distortion-free playback, it's pretty hard to believe you can find these online for as little as $20."
October 4, 2014 Lee Neikirk Headphones | MEElectronics M9P Headphones Review: Unparalleled performance for the price
Editor's Choice | Score: 8.9 | "The 2nd Generation M9P in-ears are simply a terrific value for consumers. Between the sturdy design, generous soundscape, and distortion-free playback, it's pretty hard to believe you can find these online for as little as $20."
September 29, 2014 Lee Neikirk
Ion Techcentral | Youtube: M9P In-Ear Headphone 2nd Generation - Review 2014
"It will give you extreme bass headphone, for all of you who listent to electronic music, heavy metal, just in general music, but you really love bass, this is the way to go. These headphones are re-enhanced in such a way that they drive direct bass toward your ears."
February 21, 2014 Ion Techcentral
Android Rundown: MEElectronics M9P Headphones Hardware Review
"When it's all said and done, the M9P's biggest weapon just might be the price. Pound for pound, is feels like a relative steal at its sub-$50 price range."
September 13, 2013 Tre Lawrence
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Original M Series M9 / M9P In-Ear Headphone
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics M Series M9 earphones (IEMs) with passive noise cancellation headphones CNET | Best headphones for under $25: #10 MEElectronics M9
"MEElectronics' M9 in-ear headphone has been around for a while and remains a decent value."
June 24, 2014 David Carnoy
The Chicago Tribune: Cheap Headphones a Resounding Success
"The MEElectronics second-generation M9P In-Ear Headphones are designed for durability and a great dynamic sound that equals other earphones at twice the price."
April 10, 2012 Terry Gardner
Places Top 10 for cnet's Best Headphones for Under $100 List April 6, 2012 David Carnoy
PC Advisor Recommended: MEElectronics M9P Review
"Well-built, full featured and with decent audio quality, at the list price the MEElectronics M9P are a steal. An absolute bargain. 4.5/5 stars"
March 5, 2012 PC Advisor staff
Technology Blogged: MEElectronics M9P Headphones Review
May 28, 2011 Jakk
Thinkcomputers: MEElectronics M9 Earphones Review
"Score: 9/10" ** Editor's Choice **
February 28, 2011 Colin Dean
AAII Gadget Corner: MEElectronics M9-SL Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating In-Ear Headphones February 2011 Wayne A. Thorp
Only Gizmos: MEElectronics M9P in-ear headphones with mic (Review) January 1, 2011 c0rex
Uni Student Wishlist: MEElectronics Present the M9 Earphone. November 27, 2010 Hayley
For Audiophiles: Sub-$100 Mobile Headset (Earbuds + Mic) Review Round-Up
"for those on a budget, we cannot recommend the Meelectronics M9P highly enough"
November 08, 2010 Mikhail Lifshits My (Late) Review of the MEElectronics M9 August 19, 2010 Ishcabible MEElectronics M9 - Impressions/Review July 12, 2010 mvw2 MEElectronics M9 sound-isolating earphones April 8, 2010 Jasmine France
You Tube Review: Best In-Ear Headphones Under $20?! April 8, 2010 rav07
Head-fi: MEElectronics M9P Extended Impressions/Pseudo Review (56k Warning) February 23, 2010 TheGame21x
CES 2010 Roundup (and another SDA)!!!
** Sonic Diamond Award **
January 14, 2010 Tai/ClieOS
PC World India: MEE M9 in-Ear Headphones December 1, 2010 Laldinfela Pachuau
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RX18 / RX18P Comfort-Fit In-Ear Headphones with Enhanced Bass
  Review Date Author
rx18 Head-Fi | RX18P: A Great Sub $10 Alternative!
4.5 / 5 stars | "The MEE Audio RX18P is one dirt cheap IEM that offers a more than acceptable sound that will be a good upgrade from a number of stock IEM’s that comes together with smart phones [...]To me they’re a great alternative to many sub $15 Chinese no brand offerings that (if your in the US) will be able to take their place in your ears in a day or two after ordering them."
May 30, 2016 peter123
Head-Fi | MEE audio RX18 - A decent budget IEM
"The RX18 seem to be built to well-enough specifications as to not fall apart with the abuse that I’ve given them over the past two weeks or so [...] For $8 you’re getting a quality no-frills product."
January 6, 2016 keanex
Head-Fi | RX18 Review
4.5 / 5 stars | "Ladies and gentlemen, the new budget giant-killer is here!"
December 30, 2015 twister6
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Crystal In-Ear Headphones with Microphone Made with Swarovski® Crystals
  Review Date Author
Crystal by MEElectronics | Tech Holiday Gift Guide 2014 - Crystal by MEElectronics In-Ear Headphones with Microphone
"The Crystal earphones are just what every fashionable music lover needs. They are made with Swarovski elements and deliver exceptional sound and style. [...] It comes in a beautiful jewelry box, making the Crystal Earphones by MEElectronics the perfect gift for any female on your holiday list."
December 16, 2014 Tempestt Patterson
Head-Fi | Great looks, good sound, outstanding quality - Crystal by MEElectronics Review
"These ear phones will no doubt appeal to a female audience in part due to their smaller size (very thoughtful!) and jewelry like appearance. And at the price I highly recommend them."
September 17, 2014 indieman
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KidJamz Safe Listening Headphones for Kids with Volume-Limiting Technology
  Review Date Author
KidJamz by MEElectronics XDA Developers | Review of MEElectronics KidJamz headphones with volume limiting w/lots of pics!!!
"... I was very happy I found these headphones and just wish MEElec guys would have released it sooner! We went through half a dozen of kids safe headphones in the past at twice this price, and it felt like a waste of money. […] If you have little kids at home, I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't get at least a few pairs of these!!!"
November 22, 2014 vectron
Cool Mom Tech | KidJamz headphones for kids: Great for kids who still want to have their hearing when they're our age.
"It really seems KidJamz has nailed it: fit, durability, comfort, affordability and quality–yeah, I have a long list. And I have to admit I am very surprised at how well KidJamz hits the mark."
November 10, 2014 Stephanie M
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EDM Universe In-Ear Headphones with Inline Microphone and Volume Control
  Review Date Author
MEElectronics EDM Universe In-Ear Headphones with Inline Microphone and Volume Control AndroidSPIN | MEElectronics EDM Universe In-Ear Headphones Review: the perfect companion for the EDM-Oriented
"Universe earphones, like many of MEElectronics' products, are great bang-for-your-buck; you won't be disappointed by what you get in the box and you definitely won't be disappointed by the performance of the earphones themselves"
April 14, 2014 Stephen Yuen
Andrews Reviews | EDM Universe Headphones by MEElectronics
"Gold Award | A superb set of headphones with superb design, performance and price offering a feature set often reserved for much more expensive headphones. They come in a range of colours to suit most and handled bass heavy dance music with ease. I found them comfortable to wear for extended periods and whilst they are not an all rounder they excel at their intended purpose i.e. electronic dance music. Overall a fantastic package that really punches above its weight."
March 18, 2014 Andrew Phillips
iPhone Life Magazine | How to Buy Earbuds with Two Examples: EDM Universe Earbuds
"I cranked up Daft Punk and was impressed by the overall experience."
October 9, 2013 Daniel Rasmus
White Rave Rafting: EDM Universe Earbuds Recreate Concert Experience
"The wires that meet the ear buds reads "Peace Love Unity Respect" towards the top, which is a nice shout-out to the collective EDM family and also just a good sentiment to base a product around in general."
October 9, 2013 Jay Laiche
iPhone Life Magazine | Product Review: EDM Universe In-Ear Headphones "Because Dance Music is in Your DNA"
"In all, I think the EDM Universe in-ear headphones are pretty great, so I give them 5 out of 5 stars. You're going to love feeling that bass thumping through you!"
September 3, 2013 Adam Harvey
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Reviews in Arabic

Earphone Review Date Author
M6 PRO Youtube | تقنية خرافية #8 | أقل من 100 دولار: MEE audio M6 PRO July 8, 2016 Android Basha
samma3a | MEE Audio M6 PRO In-Ear Monitors Headphones Review May 2, 2016 samma3a | Rockhound
Connect Youtube | samma3a: MEE audio Connect وش فايدة April 29, 2016 samma3a | التقنية بلا حدود
X7 Plus samma3a | مراجعة سماعات البلوتوث الرياضية MEE audio X7 Plus داخل الأذنين June 3, 2016 samma3a | Koolpep
Youtube | samma3a: استعراض للسماعة MEE Audio X7 Plus:أفضل سماعة رياضية؟ April 29, 2016 samma3a | التقنية بلا حدود
M7P Youtube | Infoprofessional21: هل تملك سماعة هاتف قديمة جرب هذه السماعات الرياضية ولحظ الفرق February 3, 2016 saad attia | ساعد عطية
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Reviews in Chinese

Earphone Review Date Author
Pinnacle P1 易启玩 | 别样质感 精致声音——MEE Audio P1耳机体验记评 March 18, 2016 帅锅他舅舅
M6 MEElectronics 四款便携良品M6,M11+,A151与HT-21横向测评
"M6则不仅价格便宜,而且还最好看。 将耳机反 向佩戴的时候能够有效固定耳机,使得在走路的时候大大减轻听诊器效应。"
March 20, 2012 benjaminre
【评测】迷籁 M6-CL、M9-BK、A151简单听感 March 1, 2012 blue8324
HT-21 MEElectronics 四款便携良品M6,M11+,A151与HT-21横向测评
"HT-21展现了在便携耳机里相当了得的清晰度 、层次感。有最舒展的声场也是最合适寝室旅行共用的条件。"
March 20, 2012 benjaminre
A151 MEElectronics 四款便携良品M6,M11+,A151与HT-21横向测评
"素质最高的A151,吉他与小提琴的质感都很流 畅,吉他的拨弦,小提琴的擦弦,演绎很好,能够很好的体现两种不同乐器的特点,泛音也是最优秀的。"
March 20, 2012 benjaminre
【评测】迷籁 M6-CL、M9-BK、A151简单听感 March 1, 2012 blue8324
M9 【评测】迷籁 M6-CL、M9-BK、A151简单听感 March 1, 2012 blue8324
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Reviews in Czech

Earphone Review Date Author
A151 MEElectronics A151 - Univerzalne Spunty s Vyrovnanym Zvukom July 1, 2012 Alexander Letkovsky
M6 MEElectronics M2 a M6 - Lacne spunty z Ameriky February 14, 2012 Alexander Letkovsky
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Reviews in French

Earphone Review Date Author
Connect Maison et Domotique: Présentation du MEE Audio Connect, ou comment profiter du bluetooth de qualité sur sa TV February 4, 2016 Max (killic41)
HT-21 [Test] Meelectronics : l'audio serieux a prix abordable June 17, 2011 Mathieu
M6 / M6P [Test] Meelectronics : l'audio serieux a prix abordable June 17, 2011 Mathieu
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Reviews in German

Earphone Review Date Author
Pinnacle P1 | MEE audio Pinnacle P1 - MEE audio goes high-end [Review] July 6, 2016 le_garçon
M6 PRO Hardware Journal: MEE Audio M6 Pro In-Ear Kopfhörer im Test August 16, 2016 In-Ear Kopfhörer im Test
In-Ear Kopfhörer im Die besten In-Ear Kopfhörer unter 50 Euro - MEE audio M6 PRO October 23, 2015 In-Ear Kopfhörer im Test
In-Ear Kopfhörer im MEE audio M6 PRO Test
5 stars (Sehr gut) / 9.1 TESTBERICHT
October 23, 2015 In-Ear Kopfhörer im Test
Welt der MEElectronics M6 Pro In-Ear Kopfhörer [Produktvorstellung] October 2, 2015 Stefan Sprick MEElectronics M6 PRO August 27, 2015 le_garçon
Der Tester: MEE Pro6 - In-Ear-Kopfhörer July 28, 2015 Der Tester
X7 Plus Youtube | 90€ Kopfhörer: MEE audio X7 Plus June 20, 2016 AppGreat
Youtube | Die besten In-Ear Kopfhörer mit Bluetooth! (TOP 5): MEE audio X7 Plus July 11, 2016 iKnowReview
In-Ear Kopfhörer im | MEE audio X7 Plus Sports im Test – Bluetooth In-Ear Kopfhörer February 23, 2016 In-Ear Kopfhörer im Test | MEE Audio X7 Plus: solide kabellose Sport In-Ear (Review) February 13, 2016 le_garçon
M7P In-Ear Kopfhörer im | Die besten In-Ear Kopfhörer für den Sport: 2. MEE audio M7P In-Ear Sportkopfhörer January 26, 2016 In-Ear Kopfhörer im Test
In-Ear Kopfhörer im | MEE audio M7P (EP-M7P) im Test January 26, 2016 In-Ear Kopfhörer im Test
Runner's MEE Audio M7P Secure-Fit Sport Review December 3, 2015 Runner's World
Matrix AF62 MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix² AF62 Stereo Bluetooth Kopfhörer mit Mikrofon Review July 11, 2015 Kopfhörer-Chris
Youtube | Meine TOP 3 Kopfhörer für Unterwegs - MEElectronics Matrix 2 May 24, 2015 iphonemajor
WEKA Stereoplay Headphone Yearbook 2013: The MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix AF62 received the "Stereoplay Highlight" award with an "exceptional" price-performance ratio. December 2013 WEKA
M6 In-Ear Kopfhörer im | Die besten In-Ear Kopfhörer für den Sport: 4. MEE audio M6 Sportkopfhörer January 26, 2016 In-Ear Kopfhörer im Test MEElectronics M6 Aug 9, 2012 SFT
M6 / M6P MEElectronics InEars: M6 und M21 June 12, 2011 Sethion
M9 / M9P Meelec M9 fur den schmalen Geldbeutel 05 October, 2010 Sebastian
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Reviews in Hungarian

Earphone Review Date Author
M6 PRO Mobile Arena | MEE audio fülhallgatók tesztje: M6 PRO Review November 2, 2015 szentkuti11
M7P Mobile Arena | MEE audio fülhallgatók tesztje: M7P Review November 2, 2015 szentkuti11
A151P Mobile Arena | MEE audio fülhallgatók tesztje: A151P 2nd Generation Review November 2, 2015 szentkuti11
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Reviews in Hebrew

Earphone Review Date Author
Pinnacle P1 Home Theater | MEE audio Pinnacle P1 – הגיע הזמן לעלות מדרג June 28, 2016 HazooM
A151 Review | MEElectronics A151 Headphones May 30, 2013 Omer Levi (qwqwasas1) A detailed review | Headphones MEElectronics A151 Dec 21, 2011 THEDEVILGAMER Basic overview of headsets MEELEC A151 May 11, 2011 Yaki
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Reviews in Italian

Earphone Review Date Author
Venture AF52 AndroidWorld: MEElectronics Air-Fi Venture Bluetooth Headphone
"The cost on the official website, including shipping in Italy, is about $160, just under 120€, the price is perfectly proportioned to the type of product, for those who want an audio top quality."
January 10, 2014 Nicola Ligas
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Reviews in Japanese

Earphone Review Date Author
Pinnacle P1 メタラーのヘッドホンブログ | MEE Audio Pinnacle P1のレビュー
April 26, 2016 ヤンネM8 (headphone_metal)
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Reviews in Korean

Earphone Review Date Author
Pinnacle P1 Dr. Headphones | 다중 BA 때려잡는.. Pinnacle P1 리뷰 May 29, 2016 paulpark22
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Reviews in Polish

Earphone Review Date Author
M6 PRO Azahiel: MEE audio M6 Pro May 6, 2016 Azahiel Recenzja MEElectronics M6 Pro April 3, 2015 Maciej Sas
M7P MUZO STAJNIA: MEE AUDIO M7P December 30, 2015 Inszy
M9B MUZO STAJNIA: MEE M9B December 14, 2015 Noise
RX18 / RX18P MUZO STAJNIA | Trzej (mali) muszkieterowie: Panasonic RP-HJE125, Philips SHE3590, MEE audio RX18 February 13, 2016 Inszy
M-Duo Dual Driver MUZO STAJNIA: MEELECTRONICS M-DUO March 6, 2015 Inszy Recenzja MEElectronics M-Duo February 21, 2015 Maciej Sas
A151P 2nd Gen Recenzja MEElectronics A151P February 21, 2015 Maciej Sas
MUZO STAJNIA: MEELECTRONICS A151P February 15, 2015 Inszy
X7 Recenzja MEElectronics Sport-Fi X7 June 8, 2015 Maciej Sas
M9 Classic Recenzja słuchawek MEElectronics M9 Classic March 11, 2015 PIOTR MIHILEWICZ
MUZO STAJNIA: MEELECTRONICS M9 CLASSIC February 1, 2015 Inszy Recenzja MEElectronics M9 Classic December 21, 2014 Maciej Sas
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Reviews in Russian

Earphone Review Date Author
Pinnacle P1 | Обзор динамических внутриканальных наушников MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 June 17, 2016 Александр Чуб | ОБЗОР НАУШНИКОВ PINNACLE P1 ОТ MEE AUDIO March 17, 2016 ПАВЕЛ ДМИТРИЕВ
Youtube | Обзор MEE Audio Pinnacle P1
"Отличные наушники со стильным дизайном и своим уникальным звуком"
March 15, 2016 About Headphones
M6 PRO MEElectronics M6 PRO мониторные наушники для барабанщика June 23, 2015 Музимпорт
M9B Youtube: ОФИГЕННЫЕ Блютуз Наушники - MEE audio M9B November 30, 2015 Яша и Миша
M-Duo MEElectronics M-Duo - Наушники MEElectronics M-Duo — невероятный бас и другие достоинства° June 22, 2013 Павел Дмитриев
Runaway AF32 MEElectronics AF32 - — стерео, bluetooth-но, бюджетно, хорошо September 23, 2012 Павел Дмитриев
A161P Наушники MEElectronics A161P — невероятный звук за 100 долларов August 21, 2012 Павел Дмитриев
M9P Mac OS MEE M9P - обзор наушников для iPhone c микрофоном September 23, 2011 Павел Дмитриев
A151 Mac OS MEE A151 - наушники для iPhone с технологией сбалансированного якоря September 23, 2011 Павел Дмитриев
M6 / M6P DrumSpeech: MEElectronics M6 - Вставные, или вакуумные наушники.
MEElectronics M6 имеют конструкцию как у профессиональных «in-ear» арматурных мониторов – они вставляются в ушное отверстие, плотно садятся в ушную раковину и фиксируются проволочным шнуром в удобном положении.
March 28, 2014 DrumSpeechОбзор наушников MEElectronics M6P. Лучший выбор в нижней ценовой категории
(Overview headphones MEElectronics M6P. The best choice in the lower price range)
February 26, 2011 Максим (makbrown) Жадан
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Reviews in Spanish

Earphone Review Date Author
M6 PRO Perusmart | [Análisis] Audífonos MEE Audio M6 RO October 25, 2015 Gianmarco Cárdenas
Youtube | Unboxing MEE Audio M6 Pro (Español) - Perú October 11, 2015 AudiophileVideos
CHW REVIEW: MEElectronics M6 PRO May 8, 2015 kanuka
X7 Plus Youtube: Unboxing & Review de los Audifonos Deportivos Inalambricos X7 Plus de MEE Audio August 4, 2016 Bigzwk
M7P Youtube | Fantásticos Audífonos M7P Para Deportistas! (Unboxing y Review) MEE audio April 26, 2016 Tykology
Youtube | Audifonos deportivos / Android y iOS / MEE Audio M7P Review March 26, 2016 JosechTV / Android Apps (MEX)
CHW | REVIEW: MEE Audio M7P - Lo nuevo en deporte January 25, 2016 kanuka
Youtube | Review: Audifonos M7P Sports In-Ear - MEE Audio December 9, 2015 EasyTechMX
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Wave Youtube: ¿Los mejores audífonos Wireless por $69 dólares? / MEE audio WAVE Review November 27, 2015 JosechTV / Android Apps (MEX)
M9B Youtube: Audiófonos Wireless por menos de 30$ dólares - MEE audio M9B November 11, 2015 JosechTV / Android Apps (MEX)
Matrix2 CAPA 9 auspiciado por | [REVIEW] MEElectronics Air-Fi Matrix2 (AF62 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless) August 19, 2015 Slacker
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Crystal In-Ear Headphones with Swarovski® Crystals Youtube: Review Español: Audífonos Meelec con Cristal de Swarovski! [M11J-TQ]
"Hoy les presento: Una joya de ingeniería, hecho por Meelec Electronics (MEE Audio) y con colaboración de Swarovski donde le agregaron sus propios cristales! Estos auriculares cuestan actualmente menos de 40 dólares, los pueden encontrar en distintos colores y además te vienen con accesorios de calidad premium! Sin dudas, el sonido que se escucha por estos auriculares, son exquisitos! Yo lo recomiendo!"
August 5, 2015 FRANMAZZ!
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Reviews in Vietnamese

Earphone Review Date Author
Matrix2 GENK | Đánh giá tai nghe Bluetooth MEE audio Matrix2: thêm bass để trở nên hoàn hảo! June 12, 2016 Theo Trí Thức Trẻ
IDO AUDIO | Top tai nghe bán chạy nhất trong mua bóng đá tại IDO AUDIO June 11, 2016 IDO AUDIO
M6 PRO GENK | MEE Audio M6Pro: tai nghe in-ear đạt chuẩn "ăn chắc, mặc bền" trong tầm giá 2 triệu đồng May 11, 2016 Theo Trí Thức Trẻ
M6 / M6P GENK | MEE audio M6P: tai nghe in-ear cho người yêu thể thao April 18, 2016 Theo Trí Thức Trẻ
Wave AF36 IDO AUDIO | Top tai nghe bán chạy nhất trong mua bóng đá tại IDO AUDIO June 11, 2016 IDO AUDIO
GENK | MEE Audio Wave: đã đến lúc bạn nghe nhạc bằng tai nghe Bluetooth? May 22, 2016 Theo Trí Thức Trẻ
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