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The Wildfires Projekt

The Wildfires Projekt is more than just another alt-rock band. The entire project, founded by Johnny Zirkel, is an experience focused on mental health awareness, and helping those in need. Through a combination of music, outreach, charity work, and donations to partnered nonprofits, we strive to make a difference in the lives of all people struggling with mental illness.

Before starting The Wildfires Projekt, Johnny co-founded the internationally recognized nonprofit, Reverse The Trend. Over the past four years, Johnny has helped bring anti-bullying and suicide prevention programs to over 400 schools nationwide. Johnny has also toured the world with his original band, Reverse Order, including tours in the US, Russia, and Mexico, as well as Warped Tour and various other festivals.

Off stage, Johnny is an L.A. based songwriter who has written with numerous producers and artists including Matt Squire and Dirty Heads.

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