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M7 PRO YouTube Review

Tech enthusiast, Jordan Ash, reviews the M7 PRO on YouTube.

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The Headphone List reviews the Pinnacle P2

The Headphone List reviews the Pinnacle P2 Audiophile In-Ear Headphones. View article here.

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Connect & Matrix3 YouTube Review

Tech Parental, a family tech YouTube channel, reviews the Connect and Matrix3 Headphone System for TV.

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Haliwel's official music video for Crack in the Frame

Official music video for Crack in the Frame, the second single from their new album Pandemic featuring the M6 PRO.

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Russian Pinnacle P2 YouTube Review

Russian audiophile youtube channel Porta_Fi reviews the Pinnacle P2, complete with extensive comparisons to the P1 model.

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X6 Plus and M6 featured in Polish Magazine "Logo"

The X6 Plus and M6 featured in popular Polish lifestyle/sports magazine “Logo.”

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M7 PRO review from Russian hi-fi site, a popular Russian hi-fi site reviews the M7 PRO. View article here.

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Motograter launches Making Waves Magazine

In preparation for the new Desolation tour with his band Motograter, MEE artist Noah “Shark” Robertson and Swimming with Sharks Entertainment have launched a new music magazine, complete with a free music sampler. Check out Making Waves magazine and download the music sampler at

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Ukranian artist shares his M6 PRO experience

Ukranian artist Valeriy Drobina from band Niagara Calls shares his M6 PRO experience!

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