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E-Earphone Ranks X7 Plus #1 in Japan

MEE audio X7 Plus ranked as #1 in E-Earphone's, 15 best Bluetooth headphones under $100 in Japan, which you can read here.

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M6 PRO Review and Recording Session with Twin Pines

Barry Morrell, singer/songwriter and frontman of Scottish rock band Twin Pines discusses the benefits of in-ear monitoring and shares the band’s Experience with the M6 PRO in-ear monitors on and off the stage.

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X7 Plus Recommended by Consumer Reports

MEE audio X7 Plus featured as the best option for workouts in Consumer Reports', 5 Great Wireless Headphones for Your iPhone 7 video, which you can watch here.

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HiFi Heaven Reviews Pinnacle P1

HiFi Heaven reviews the MEE audio Pinnacle P1 on YouTube. He covers everything from design & comfort to sound quality.

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IFA 2016 in Berlin

This past September 2-7th, MEE audio exhibited at their second IFA Show in Berlin, Germany. We showcased a new lineup of products along with our existing product lines. Check out the photos here

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Another Review of the Pinnacle on Head-Fi!

Brooko reviews the MEE audio Pinnacle P1 for Head-Fi, which you can read here.“The P1 is easily one of the best IEMs (for sonic performance and overall value) I have tried this year.”

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The Pinnacle Featured on Head-Fi

ThatBeatsguy reviews the MEE audio Pinnacle P1 for Head-Fi, which you can read here. “The Pinnacle P1 is like a master symphony – one composed by the likes of Beethoven and played by the greatest orchestra around. Everything about it is just executed so incredibly well. Its design is impeccable; its form luxuriously exquisite; and its [...]

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Summer NAMM 2016

On June 23-25th, MEE audio exhibited at their second Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, Tennessee. We showcased the M6 PRO musician's in-ear monitors in both clear and smoke and demoed our flagship audiophile earphone, the Pinnacle P1.Check out the photos here.

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Pinnacle P1 Continues to Shine on Head-Fi

Avitron142 reviews the MEE audio Pinnacle P1 for Head-Fi, which you can read here. “It competes against higher-end offerings without any effort, sounds closer to an open-back headphone than almost any other, and is polished not only in the sound department, but in every aspect I can think of – presentation, accessories, fit/comfort, genre versatility, cables, [...]

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In May, MEE audio exhibited at CES ASIA 2016 in Shanghai, showcasing our most recent product lines including the M6 PRO and Pinnacle P1. It was a fantastic three day show filled with demos and live performances. Check out the photos here.

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